Allen Hughes On Menace II Society & 2Pac

They don’t make movies like they used to. This May, Menace II Society will turn 20 years old—that’s just crazy. The film was directed by twins The Hughes Brothers and featured rappers like Saafir, MC Eiht, and Too $hort. Allen Hughes appeared on Sway In The Morning and discussed the movie, encounter with 2Pac, and iconic scene below.

UPDATE: Full interview.

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  • MrSkeezyMak

    Classic flick

  • Del

    hell yeah, great post… but where’s part 2 where he talks about the Pac fallout?

  • brollya

    wer is part 2 at yo

  • chan

    part 2 please

  • the One

    C’mon Elliot, you always talk about how you stating the truth !!! So what’s the truth what really went down when 2pac kicked they ass!!!

  • B.Dot

    he spoke on 2pac before. know ur RapRadar history fellas



  • So before I watch this I see yall saying their’s no part 2.I’m prepared to be pissed?Good drop.I wonder what would have happened if Pac was O Dog.Classic movie.Classic time.S/O to Saafir.I kind of wished The Hughes brothers did something about Detroit like Menace.Oh word he made the vid for that group menace To Society

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  • prai$e fuck your link. where is part 2?

  • 3 Times

    Just saw part 2. It’s a cliffhanger though. Full interview up Monday

  • Black Shady

    Awwwwwwwwwwww shit really Sway LOL….thats cold!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do us like that hahaha i dont wanna wait 2 more days goddamn

  • Del

    Fuckin’ Sway, guess we gotta wait

  • theone0123

    does anyone believe that 2pac was caught up in all the fame and was actually portraying something he was not?

  • Joe Momma

    This Hughes bitch needs to STFU talking about a dead man.
    Cuz the Hughes Brothers are irrelevant now they wanna talk for the “first time”. GTFOH wit that shit.
    They didnt talk about it when Pac was here to do something about it.
    And fuck that sell-out bitch Sway for even bringing it up. Pac would be beating that ass too!

  • Joe Momma

    Go back to MTV Sway.
    You bitch go back to interviewing Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.
    On the red carpet like the white mans monkey boy. Sell Out.

  • JustMyOpinion

    That’s the reason I DON’T listen to Shade 45 morning show anymore. That was wack.

  • truth

    This mans not worth listening too.
    Watch this video @ 3:20

  • Devante

    There hasn’t been a great black hood movie in a while… Paid In Full was the last one but I honestly feel that movie was mediocre.

  • Great pt 2 that’s wusup

  • Edward

    yall know secretly the powers that be wanted Pac to be what chief keef is today…dumb and ignorant so the masses of young black men could follow his lead. Thats why Pac struggled with the “thug life” and then “brendas gotta babby/keep ya head up” he knew he was powerful and niggas would follow his lead so they killed him he didnt want that movie role cuz it would have stuck with young niggas everywhere.. Im sorry for putting his name in the same sentence as chief keef but I had to make a point. And biggie was collateral damage the label execs(jews) started that bullshit east coast vs west coast and tons of dumb ass niggas believed it just like that red and blue shit im done theres lots of money being made when black men die WAKE THE FUCK UP


  • chicago
  • Black Shady

    Always great to hear about the GREAT TUPAC

    and damn..what Sway said about how Pac was tryna gather the ones who wanted to follow him…and THEN give the real message…but never had the chance to…….thats some shit. RIP TO THE GREATEST

  • Haven’t watched it yet but has anyone kept a running tally on how many times Sway mentions that he was one of the last people to interview Pac and/or that he shared a conversation with Pac?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Great interview with Allen Hughes.

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  • The Real Truth

    2 Pac was the fakest thug of them all, thats why all these “so called” thugs look up to him, he was smart, very intelligent and played that part until the game “Suge” took him under

  • Homie

    F the fight. DAMN Pac and the Hughes Bros. were 20 years old, shooting Menace? That’s fucking remarkable

    • B.Dot

      @Homie F the fight. DAMN Pac and the Hughes Bros. were 20 years old, shooting Menace
      I know right?!

  • areal1

    R.I.P 2 Pac The GOAT

  • Blunted on Reality

    Wow very amazing interview

  • Frontrunner

    Great post.

  • Dope ass Interview