New Music: J. Period x Black Thought “Rage Is Back (Freestyle)”

rage is black-cover

In support of Adam Mansbach’s novel, Rage Is Back, J. Period taps The Roots frontman for the accompanying mixtape’s title track featuring the classic Illmatic instrumental.


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  • GreenBeitz

    went in..


    This is how you FAVORITE rapper should be spittin. Black Thought’s been in the game for a LOOONGGG TIME but still delivers his rhymes like he’s starving in a broke down row home apartment in Philly. Respect!

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  • Anelka

    Kilt it. I have heard a couple of rappers tackle this beats but nobody has come close to the annihilation Nasir did to it. Its even crazier Nas kilt it in one take and at age 19/20.

  • I dont wanna be on TV, just write my name in GRAFFITI.

  • IIG

    What the fuck player are yall using that my Galaxy S3 can’t play it? I’ve seen this on multiple posts today, and it’s annoying.

  • Marko-V



  • T

    mirrormax bar was late , ruined the flow

  • yo!

    you cant kill nas on his own track

    but black thought could bring rap back

  • yo!

    @ killa

    bars be average

  • Datdude

    Raw as fuck. Name another rapper out there right now that could go in like this

  • Original Ty

    Thought is top 5 all time Dead or Alive so I’m not surprised he smashed this!

    Some may disagree but trust that he’s your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper!!

  • Truth Will Out

    @Original Ty,

    He’s in my Top 5 Props!

  • Early to the Party

    If you’re from Philly get comfortable with being 2nd lyrically as long as this man’s alive.

  • Royaltyonthisplanet

    GOT DAMN!!

  • Said it before and I’ll say it again

    My dream is that Black Thought leaves that over-rated group and their mediocre drummer to finally put out a proper solo album with NO input from the Roots.

    Get some of that Boom Bap (Premier, Buckwild, Large Prof) & put out a banger of an album

    Till then, feeling this

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Late Night Bands ain’t hip hop