• Reginald
  • acidrap

    why cant muthafuckas mind they own business and let this dude feed his fam? Thats whats wrong wit errbody.Niggas keep to yoself n worry bout you.


    ^^Nah…you just don’t get the implications of letting his show slide. You belong to a community, whether you like it or not my dude, a collective. No one around here is a nomad! That’s first.

    Second. Raising your children isn’t some type of exceptional act one should receive praise for – it’s mandatory!! We don’t need any television show to illustrate that!

    Third. This show does more harm than good. It endorses the concept that having children by multiple women, out of wedlock, is an healthy practice in the black community – it is not. It is a dysfunctional practice, born out of the slave trade, carried forth through generations of social engineering. And yes…it’s is DYSFUNCTIONAL!!

    So no Shawty, we won’t be need to be hearing from your about you and all your ‘Baby Mama’s”.

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