• fastflipper

    poor nelly…..he need to stop



  • Real.

    Ha! At Nelly. After Over and Over, dude’s career went down quicker than Coco going down on a nigga.
    Again, Rick Ross is talking that gangsta lifestyle, damn.

  • boom

    Ross film his part in an undisclosed location….now that he’s on the run from whoever wants his head!

  • Poor T. Pain. Jay-Z retired him with ‘D.O.A’ and ever since he’s been struggling to find himself.

    Meanwhile in Gotham…
    A young rapper named Future took Auto-Tune singing to new heights. When asked about ‘D.O.A’, the song which caused the demise of both T. Pain and Ron Browz, Future simply quipped:
    “I wasn’t born in dem dayz”.

    Reporting live from Metropolis, this is Jimmy Olsen. Back to you Kate.

  • Gucci

    Wack as fuck all these rappers blow


    Track was produced by @ReeseG14

  • Nelly making that “gun” gesture was it for me

    Only redeemable thing about this video were the Jordan 3 Cavs that Fab was wearing

    Does Kay Slay only shop at Dr J’s?

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter (i follow back if you’re from Rap Radar board, ask around)
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    T Pain & Nelly? Ja Rule would have been the trifecta

  • brza

    Kay Slay with the 90’s uniform and Nelly. Ha! This was interesting to say the least.

  • onenutned

    tell slay to retire that jersey and nelly…them shit is done…as far as the song…zzzz.