New Video: Justin Timberlake x Jay-Z “Suit & Tie”

This is only a “lyric video”, but it probably could suffice as the official clip. Jigga Man doesn’t make an appearance, but Justin does reveal (check 5:20 mark) that his album 20/20 Experience will drop March 19th.

UPDATE: Get out your seat! Official clip.

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  • They kept previewing this on MTV Jams, so its nice to see the finished product. Unfortunately, the “lyric video” is going to continue being a trend that will get run into the ground.



  • T.O.S

    These lot and the number 44, powerful indeed.


    Game ft JT Aint no doubt was better, because Jays wack verse fuked the song up!

  • Space Ghost

    @ MADE IN CHINA. Cut it out….Jay’s verse was nice. You don’t go H.A.M, on this type of song. What did you expect? The Dynasty Intro? You seem to be one of those Jay-Z haters for for the sake of being a Jay-Z hater. But don’t worry…he has a million of you….oh,excuse me. A Billie.

  • damone

    This video and song is so smooth

  • Play player

    Well since he cuts off Jay Z’s weak ass verse… now this song is tolerance.


    @SpaceGhost get off Jays lips bro i like dude i just have ears..

  • NY KIdd


  • Don

    call me a Jay hater also cause that verse was trash i dig JT on this should have done the song solo

  • watchthethrone

    cool vid, cant wait for the album

  • kayandgee

    dope video, some new shit , i dig it

  • king

    @DOn your a fool. yall dudes got no taste thats the prob yall cant understand big boy talk… polly in your skinny jeans and some dunks. i show you how to do this son. grow the fuck up. yal expect rappers to spit the same ignornat rants on every song im a grown man i wanna hear adult stuff

  • damone

    I second king… Jay flies over these kids head with his rap… Sad that rappers like Wayne has the youth of today thinking baby rap is cool

  • sealey

    Honestly Jay’s verse is tight…most of ya’ll just don’t see the significance in the lines that he used. Either because of your age or income. Not hating on ya’ll that don’t get it just stating the facts

  • mrzee

    this is no ordinary lyric video. its like a video that happens to have lyrics in it.


    if yall read jay’s lyrics carefully he said some tight shit his verse was cool and fit the topic of the song. if Ross was featured on this he would be talking about shipping keys of coke in his Maybach

  • Normal

    How could anyone say Jays verse was weak. i swear these kids that follow trends and claim jay to be a souless illuminati puppet are the actual ones with no soul. Jay makes rap more than rap. He makes it music. play this with your girlfriend and enjoy the evening. oh wait you guys are blogging 24/7. Jay is the Michael Jordan of rap it’s amazing. respect it and it’s not like the dude is arrogant and EVER disrespects his fans, the ghetto, or even the culture. But the rappers you ppl actually like make fun of u on a daily basis.. When will the hip hop community grow up oh nvr mind they dumbed down instead.

  • Normal

    Dude said “All black at the white shows” If your black and don’t like Jay-Z you’re an ignorant N word to the core. Jay does business with these dudes and still keeps it funky as can be. He’s doing his best to open doors for us which was honestly impossible. They’re tryna make him seem like a sell out and illuminati but he’s not. Listen to what he says for ONCE. Follow Jays ambition and move out of the old ghetto nonsense.But then again the ppl that don’t like Jay don’t even bother to LISTEN and understand anything in life. Besides ILLUMINATI haha

  • BigBoi

    “I’ll show you how to do this YOUNG” Jay-Z tryna school ya lil niggas lol

  • 9th wonder


  • bumpy johnson

    yep hov verse is dope it fits the song perfect ….

  • PEOPLE dont waste your time on the shitheads of the site that prefer an extremely obvious punchline every other bar. This aint Wayne. This is theme setting, scarface references, brands I can only hope to rock one day, and words for the in-laws. Grown talk, young pups. Fuck you know bout that green card line?? Ouuf.

  • Blackjew
  • Justice

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  • BlackDivine

    yea,hov shit was tight, fit the song correctly, grown man capo rap.
    michael jordan of rap, yea
    frank sinatra of rap,yea

  • OVO


  • bold


    David Fincher is directing the official video tonight!! It’s his first music video in 8 years (he’s been directing movies like Zodiac, The Social Network and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo)

  • Original Ty

    @ Everybody sayin’ Jay’s verse is tight

    I don’t disagree that the content was cool, but the delivery and the way he linked his words together was subpar IMO.

    Some nice wordplay isn’t the only thing that matters in rapping. Jay set the bar higher than that himself so it doesn’t mean we’re hating when we measure him by a standard he helped set. You never used to have to TRY to find a reason that a Jay verse was fire.

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  • Evil

    Jay Zs verse was ok,nothing more nothing less.Its Jay Z so people expect big things and this was not it,he is off beat,his delivery was not good at all.

    You Jay stans should calm down a little,even Jay can have a subpar verse every now and then.

  • King

    Classy video

  • Richard

    Coolest, slickest video seen in a long time! Very smooth indeed! Music video of the year so far!

  • Foreign luccini

    Elvis & ugly face!!

  • Black Chalk

    that jayz verse has grown on me and the vid solidifies it. its perfect for this track.

    need beats?

  • Tef

    Damn, JT came back to show these new niggaz how it’s done and winds up being the best Shit on the radio with no effort. Shout out to Timberlake.

  • 9th Wonder

    HOV verse is crazy forget these nay sayers obviously theyll gorw into it once maturity hits lol

  • The 10 Biggest Dick Riders in Hip Hop History


    9- Elliot Wilson (Former XXL Magazine Editor In Chief)

    There were plenty of people who enjoyed Elliot’s work at XXL Magazine, and by plenty, we mean his immediate family. His dick-riding of Interscope artists i.e. Eminem, Dre, 50 Cent is well documented, and his current infatuation with Jay Z has reached borderline stalking status.

  • I thought the 1st video was the official video.Not the best jay verse but the song is tight and his verse works live better.Robin Thicke is shaking in his boots
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle:

  • brza

    Dope. All class.

  • It always made me slightly uncomfortable that JT seems to be able to craft (and understand) R&B better than all the ignorant black niggas making the same type of songs over and over again.

    This is the type of shit Usher should be doing at least, not something I expect to hear from Chris Brown or Trey Songz stupid asses.

  • 3rdRail

    @ Sway-Z: Co F-ing Sign!!! While Usher is running around doing Euro Pop; this white boy is making the type of music he should be…

  • I didn’t even have to GUESS who posted this
    B. Dot

    He must be so excited to see Jay Z in a suit and tie with the Disney club/boy band/bad actor guy

    Hey, imagine coming back after a long hiatus and the only thing you can offer is
    “I’m on my suit and tie shit” as your opening line

    The “button up” thing is passe and JT , it’s a “rappers sing the hook ” now world

    Just be grateful you’re still getting acting work
    tho I’m not sure why

    Jay Z , he’s a good guy.
    Gave JT 16 bars of generic lines for the prom kids to
    do their 2 step to

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    JT: at least put your wife in the video in her bra/panties ala “I now pronounce you …” movie clip

  • As Real As It Gets

    Hate the way this video was edited. Song is cool, jay’s verse started whack but ended strong. None of this matters. They’re gonna go on a ten city tour and charge niggas an arm and leg to hear all their old shit anyway. It’s all marketing.

  • smeags

    Jays verse just didn’t flow right. IMO

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