• Rozay

    Fuckery to the 10th power, fake ass Jeezy ad libs,I hope this isn’t part of the budget 50 gave this nigga, if so Shawty Lo is gonna owe 50 like Young Buck at this rate, between this song and that reality show Lo needs to get a 9-5 to support them 17 kids.

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  • assmaster

    quit while your ahead lo!

  • Black Shady

    Best rapper alive

  • Black Shady


  • Dante

    wth happened to choruses now a days. its been nothing but the same words repeated over and over
    rap for retards.

  • Wow this kray realhiphop

  • Jdu

    Straight GARBAGE!!!!!!

  • Sheeeeit

    U take that back are u on drugs!^ this dope

  • Best rapper in tha trap ya heard