• Cole is the shit. Inspiring dude

  • @tshiamofs

    Dude is all over music news right now. Hopefully it wil translate into sales when the album drops

  • Black Shady

    It’s about that time again. COLE WORLD

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Congrats to J. Cole this is a positive look at Hip-Hop for speaking at Harvard.

  • eat a D

    this dude is fucking boring hahaha so flippin swaggless

  • flawda

    SWAG – Secretly Wanting Another Guy

    Ya’ll too concerned about everything except the music, i swear these crack generation kids have the attention span of a cockerspaniel.

  • The Wise

    one of the most boring interview..u can tell he doesnt even belive he album is good

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  • @TheNotsoWise

    @The-Not-so-Wise and @eat a D (which is probably all that you got on your report card)

    How can you all infer that from an interview? What other artist (rapper and African American, besides Cole and 9th Wonder) that has taken rap and its culture to a renowned global learning institution?

    The concept of the album is unparalleled. Really looking forward to it.

  • The Wise

    @thenotsowiseasshole…give it a rest clearly ur a fan..fyi..nobody checking for drakes lil brother.. he hadd a lil buzz that went no where….Quick question when was the last time u heard jay-z even speak of his artist….even tho he has no problem hittin the studio with drake on the regular..notice in this interview nothing about jay-z came up other then he signed j.cole..which is the only shit this kidd has riding for him..an unlike u dummy i seen him live(which was completley forgettable).. so i can say that..u stupid fuck


    For some one who doesnt like cole you have more comment posts than any one else.
    Fuck Off Groupie

  • Honestly

    …nd fuck the haters prolly never love they momma niether/
    Ole bitter ass sit around middle class homes
    with computers on hatin on the newest songs”

    Keep it goin Cole. Fans is in line waitin and haters….still hating. You doing something right.

  • it’s the roc

    ha, has she seen cole play ball? professional ball would never be an option

    much respect with the harvard thing though, that was a good move and a good look.

  • the brain trust

    Looking forward to his album of course!

  • KaRon

    Cole WorlD

  • ECU

    No blanket

  • Balla

    @Honestly that line applies to a lot of these hating ass niggas here. And lol at the nigga talkin about “swagless” it’s 2013 nigga.