• matrix

    That was mean…a mean written but mean nonetheless…shit had me entranced in like every bar…Chuuch…

  • yeah he went in. writting or not. at least he used his brain to memorize it and not a black berry or paper. Hit me for beats @OneManBeats http://www.OneManENT.com

  • Damn Nore went in on this beat! it seems that this beat always brings the best out of rappers. A shame that his albums stay wack.

  • ShoNuff718

    N.O.R.E but you can call me PAPI!!! WEEPPPAAA CORILLLOOOO!!! yo N. O. still got them hoodlum Bars. Killa Queens stays getting money. Big Pun would of been proud Dun.

  • Rhino

    Yeah he got nice right there…But EH YO NORE…..Nicer than Kool G Rap???