• Marko-V

    Is Shawty Lo still signed with G-Unit? Is this what 50’s money is paying for? At what point do artists say,”you know what let’s try somethin else”. Cuz bein arrested 28 times is nothin to honor in my eyes and in the current climate of the world I doubt if that type of thinkin will arner any attention beyond the hood. And sad to say this but the hood isn’t buyin anything they can get for free whether its good or not.


  • Scatter

    LOL! Niggas don’t even want to comment on a Shawty LO post. Like his wackness contagious or something…

  • Da Truthhhh

    Its March 9th and yall show this wack nigga? RIP Biggie.

  • *sigh*

    uggghh thissssssssss nigga SMH………..Mr Screams Whispers is back again huh

    I know 50 had to put some type of clause in that contract wit Mr Yelling Secrets that if 50 don’t recoup off the music he is gonna have to pay back all that money PLUS interest or something. aint no way a business guy like 50 looked at this guy and seen a good investment….probably looked at him and seen a desperate sucka he could take advantage of…real shit


    Coon shit.

  • JayJ223

    this shit is hard yall niggas just hate for no reason i respect niggas opinion but the music aint even bad if it aint for u it aint for u?

  • Midieheme

    Adamsville wit ya lo!

  • Wow

    Wack as fuck.