New Video: J.Cole x Miguel “Power Trip”

Jermaine catches feelings and a body in his new video featuring Miguel. Jealousy is a muthafucka. Despite the dark imagery, Cole insists, “No R&B singers were harmed during the making of this video”. Save the date:  Born Sinner drops June 25

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  • The best


  • Tev Milli

    How come a song like this doesn’t get much airplay?……
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • Tev Milli

    Dope video tho….
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • scw

    great concept. great vid

  • daff

    dope video hopefully the song gets more love now.

  • matrix

    Well damn i was wondering why this vid looked so dark…lol…then i saw the ending..jea that matches…Chuuuch….

  • jackripper

    this shit is dope. Cole totally went left on this shyt. dont think they will play it on tv cause of the imagery

  • Classic

    Terrible, hov needs to drop cole and push The Great One (Jay Elect)

  • Black Shady


  • TDE

    Got me up all night, constant drinking and love songs..

  • The Other P

    June? More like Sept.

  • lickit

    2 ill

  • blackJew

    J coles new artist is nice –

  • skinny

    Dope video

  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    This song is bubble gum garbage, but since it’s J Cole, nobody will say it. I will though

  • Black Shady

    ^ Fuck off nigga. #BornSinner get with the program. on our way to another plaque

  • Hammertime

    mAN this is Video of the Year hands down, from the scenery location, to the concept, to the fine video model everything was on point.
    J cole gonna get his in 2013, kendrick and drake better make way!

  • RichP

    Damn.. my nigga killed miguel though.. Smh..

  • HiiiPoWeR

    This video is based off his song ‘Dreams’. “Had a thing for you…even wrote the song Dreams for you.”

  • watchthethrone

    Great concept, Born Sinner

  • Donn

    Disappointing unless this video is a part of a series of other videos.

    Like there was nothing creative about this at all smh.

    #Disappointed ColeFan

  • wiz

    The video is dope, I like how J. Cole carried out his plan from his song Dreams. The video is different, it wasn’t like the average hip hop video. Even though they were in a strip club there was no booty all over the place.

  • Bkuz


  • chan

    damn its crazy how he flipped it…. at least i always thought it was a more positeve energy to this song but this dark energy works for it as well i like it. not another rap video…..

  • onenutned

    creatively I like, from a business stand point..Cole what the fuck are you doing???! the song gets minimal to no burn but a few people like myself fux wit’ it..if you had only made a visual that would match the song’s potential this shit would’ve been a home run but you went completely left field which I’m not knocking or condoning. I’m just saying what is this vid gon get played on besides Vevo and youtube? I mean damnit man. you get he win creatively but takin mad L’s lucratively son.

  • sean

    the video is great but bit to dark for the maimstream
    this my kill the mian buzz this could got by making so dark
    I know his roc nation as a rapper, but whom is his manger ?

  • jp

    @ sean, Mark Pitts is his manager

  • youngtoona

    dope song, doper visuals

  • Da Business

    I’m @ a lost of words…

    I understand that it’s a play off of the Dreams song from the Warm up but, y? I’m sure that he has something up his sleeves so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt…

    I don’t know about this move, song is definitely a hit though…

  • M.T

    Video was dope. Love the concept. lol @ some of these posts. would yall rather have the same old repetitive average video with bitches. cars etc. Enjoy the video and stop trying to be A&R’s. Song is already climbing the charts.

  • blockheads

    sometimes the artistry is more important. seeing your thoughts come to life… incredible.

  • Stalkertheme!!! SO SICK

  • Not just a commercial love song this single has a concept!

  • Word

    First let me say, I thought Cole could not make good videos but I like this one. If you were a TRUE Cole fan, you would know this is most likely a continuation of his song “Dreams” where he plotted to kill the girls boyfriend. Guess he went through with it. @Donn, you’re NOT a Cole fan. Please stop perpetrating like you are. Creative is a subjective term. Its not to YOU, but its a creative concept to many others. Even if its not, its straight to the point. Not every video gotta be some Kanye shit. Was Started from the Bottom a creative video? NO, but I bet you loved that one though. @onenutned in what state are you where this gets no burn? I hear this on the radio at least twice a day when I feel like listening to it, here in Baltimore.


    King Cole. Another masterpiece.

  • Honestly

    I could go off on haters cuz y’all really reaching but ima keep it positive. This is dope cuz it’s creative as fuck and not like anything else, no bs green screen, no ass all Iva the cam , no 20 chains around the neck jus a dope song and a video that ACTUALLy matched the song. Do me a favor and look at all these other video and tell me how many match. Cole steer the course and follow your heart. Keep your art pure that’s how u got here

  • Word

    ^ This


    oh shit how they gonna do the nigga miguel like that

  • Fre$h World Tremier Floyd

    Man, this shit hard. Idk wtf u negatively opinionated mfs r seeing. This is Aye Are Tee. ART. Idek s#!t about this “Dreams” song u real fans speak of but that furthers my view on how much of a piece of ART this is being that he followed up on something previously dubbed as a classic, “The Warm Up” is it? with connector video

  • Fre$h World Tremier Floyd

    *with this

  • whereyourseabass

    if you don’t like this video then go jerk off to a generic MMG music video.

  • Soulstar

    Why are people saying this isn’t getting any airplay… It’s in the top 25 on quite a few Billboard charts, and I know I hear it a lot on the radio in both Cleveland and Toledo. Where yall live? Wyoming?

  • Donn


    If this is creative to you, I find that sad. I done seen videos of niggas burying bitches boyfriends and girlfriends burying boyfriends in Sooooooooo many videos. Creative to HIPHOP fans is such a low bar. If u are a fan of other genres of music u’ll see this is unoriginal and I am a Cole fan. I’m not a Stan like some of u who think dude can do no wrong. Y’all will justify anything when u like an artist so much

    And that Drake video was boring just like [email protected] Word. Jews getting turned up in Walgreens? Lol

  • Lmao

    @Donn Did I say I found it creative? I said OTHERS might. Come on bro, read.

    And when does CREATIVE = GOOD? Creative, sure, it isn’t. Good? Yes, it is. Not every video gotta be out of this world creative. If you’re just gonna compare everything to other genres, don’t even watch a single hip hop video anymore in life. You will disappoint yourself every time.

    Good and Bad are subjective, but of course your gonna think you “opinion” is end all be all, and anyone who likes the video is a “Stan”. Real insightful comments bro. Lmao.

  • Word

    Typing off my phone here. Above comment is mine. Typed “Lmao” in two places.

  • Donn

    HipHop is music. Just like any other genre. Yes I am comparing his video to videos from every genre cus he is an artist, not just a rapper. And amongst the music community and other artists who have done this ten times over this is cliche and has been done a million times. Great song, bad video.

    Someone hit the nail on the head above, this song had the potential to be a fun summer anthem and he ruined a great summer record by TRYING to be deep. Save that shit for songs that are actually deep

  • As Real As It Gets


  • Check me out fam share like or dislike #DMV #Ezylyfe

  • mos of you rap radar heads suck on everything j cole makes anyways. its a good song but this shit is on a biased ass site of fans that always complain about mainstream or music not being underground or not. at the end of the day the shit is about selling records and attention who gives a fuck if the video is creative or not, half ya clowns not gonna buy his album yall just criticizing his shit and rating music on here instead of actually feeling it out. actually feel niggas songs, thats wtf is wrong with rap and why records dont fucking sell its the age of opinionless opinions and blog bullshit.

  • Dnice

    @Donn, there is no way you are a real Cole and then write in a blog that he is “tryin” to be deep. COLE is DEEP. That is what sets him apart from the rest and its what his “Stans” expect. If you want generic hiphop, you already have plenty to choose from, but I’m sure you already know that. In case you didn’t know this, apart from being about a crush/stalking that went bad, Cole himself said this song has a double meaning of being about his love of hip hop and trying to get that hit single he needs to send him to the top….Listen to each line and relate it to hip hop and then maybe you can appreciate why people are saying its dope and yes, creative–if you are a fan be a real fan and keep up with the artist or just admit to being a bystander like the rest of them….

  • Harris

    creatively/conceptually this is awesome, but j. cole is at a stage in his career where he should know how to market himself but he doesn’t. even kendrick knows how to mix substance with style

  • Fre$h World Tremier Floyd

    it’s like this… fucx everybody’s opinion… ’cause @ the end of the day the fucxin video has been shot & released whether uuuu fucxers like it or not. bn so got damn critical. ohhhh this is cliche, ohhhh other genres, ohhhh… stfu!!!!

  • Fre$h World Tremier Floyd

    mfs wouldnt know art if it was their first name

  • Statdefine

    Nice work. #Coleworld #Nosnuggie

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