Logic “XXL Freshman Class” Freestyle

Maryland’s rising MC Logic has just inked a deal over at Def Jam and taps No I.D. to executive produce his debut LP. Today, XXL also gives him their Freshman Class freebie of the day. Congrats. Says Logic:

I’m  excited to take this next step in my career. It’s incredible for Def Jam [Records] and Visionary Music Group to work together  and the opportunity to collaborate with a living legend like No I.D. is  priceless. I’m very humbled to be apart of the most  iconic hip hop label of all time.”

Def Jam’s EVP of A&R No I.D. adds:

Logic has a great future ahead and we are happy to have him at Def Jam.  He has the talent to be a great artist and make a strong presence in  our industry.


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  • yourmotherlovesme

    All you hate because its not you… its not you on blogs, its not you getting endorsements, its not you getting millions of views its not you selling out shows…its not you therefore you hate…congrats

  • woo

    true logic fans have been saying don’t sleep on this kid from day 1..congrats to him, keep grinding

  • Taz

    I’m proud of him but he is not from Baltimore lol

  • Truth Serum

    ahhhhhh so finally after Def Jam signs him, you guys decide to post

  • Donn

    Congrats man. Nice to see these kids making their dreams come true.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Son is nice. Will keep an ear open for his music.

    Okay, I know all of you are thinking it, so ill say it: why does the Asian dude have an English accent.

  • Jon B

    My exact thoughts @TruthSerum

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    White rappers takin over, who would’ve thought

  • StarFox64

    dude is nice and i never heard of him, best so far..

  • Evil

    All these wack white kids takin ova Hip Hop.Not a good look.
    I blame EM for this,lol

  • chan

    best freestyle yet!!!!

  • NYC


  • veesky

    @Taz People outside the DMV always think Bmore is the only part of M.D. lol

  • who there maing

    this dude is FILTHY

  • bad

    em we know thats you @EVIL

    and we know you wanted to sign dude

    and guess what

    whiteys back / half black it dont matter its RAP

    real articulate perspective
    running around pyschotic
    rhyming against perceptions

  • Taz

    @veesky Lol. Yeah, I can see

  • ayyeee

    Dude sounds like Diggy Simmons.

  • yo

    dude, he’s not from bmore.

  • AP

    Sleep on this kid at your own loss, dope af

  • how you could you hate on this kid after hearin that freestyle his was the best so far

  • nerd rapps for white kids… he can flo ,, but so what .. Def jam looking to claim some of that white rapper doe too… so far btw macklamore and mac miller they pushin the big numbers… white kids not supportin that ratchet ish no more… oh well was good while it lasted…

  • anon

    fuck man…. he ripped that

  • ECU

    congrats looks like he has a ton of fans, hope they buy his debut

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    the freestyle was obviously well rehearsed. while it comes off nice, the TDE group did real raps even if they were a little off atleast they were genuine

  • Troofy

    Sound like drakes heir like drake was yeezy’s but not my taste tho.
    Too cliche !

  • NOVA

    I love all……no #shots….but any white mc that refers to ‘more chains than slaves” in his rap’….loses 900% of my respect off top……..off top

  • honesty

    He’s BiRacial (“Black” & “White)

  • Jamestherapper

    okay first off…that was the best i heard yet. Second, he’s half black half white. whats funny is that he usually raps like that all the time.

  • Daan

    he is just ok

  • M.T

    that was a dope freestyle. nice to see he got a deal. Congrats.

  • Jack

    The lyrics to his freestyle is the exact same lyrics as his Step Back Radio Freestyle that he did about 6 months ago. I still love logic but that’s really disappointing.

  • asdasd

    logic’s half black retards

  • no name

    killed it

  • Cookie Dough Keys

    Can someone tell me this guy’s story/history?

  • brza

    The asian kid with the English accent was hilarious.

  • joe

    im so happy for this guy if been rocking wid him for aboutn a year and half deserves this.


    he’s actually mixed. black & white. i slept on this cat but he’s alright. gotta hear more tho. he’s better then that travis scott nigga.

  • watch my move$

    berry & pec the homies niggaz mite need to kill themselves tho llamf

  • JL

    I don’t care how good he is this kid still looks like a nerd haha

  • That Guy

    good for him. making a living off the lines he wrote.

  • B

    Hip Hop is officially dead.

  • DMVinyourchick

    Lol what does his race have to do with anything? U can either spit or u can’t and he’s got bars. And he’s not from bmore he’s from Montgomery county Maryland gburg

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  • MD

    Glad YN and B. Dot fixed their error saying that Logic was from Baltimore. He is actually from Gaithersburg, which is 45 minutes away from Baltimore. He is closer to cities like Rockville and Washington D.C. I knew rapradar didn’t practice no shoddy journalism, props for the cleanup.