New Music: Bas “Stronger”

Stronger - Bas

Dreamville’s Bas revamped his Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II mixtape and is now ready to deliver the final product. Here’s his first offering produced by Jii Amadehuss.

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  • Hol’Up

    Damn this fire!!!

  • It’s the roc

    Cool beat, average rapper, what’s new

  • Los


  • blockheads

    I fuck with this…

  • Mary Jane


  • Meezee

    this shit cray!

  • Nahla

    Shit is dope. Something smooth to bump loud in ur car lol. Gotta look this guy up!

  • NYC

    b-dot are niggas serious? this shit is a yawn

  • Joe

    Dreamville stand up

  • Fret

    You gotta be kidding me. How much did J Cole pay ya’ll to post this. Tell this putts to get back to shining J Cole’s shoes.

  • Only need one word


  • Slowbot10

    Solid joint…[email protected] it’c cool if you don’t like it but trash though? Come on now, far from it

  • cover art is hard. beat is hard. vocals kinda loud. i like this though. ima lo for some me work

  • julio

    I likes this

  • hok

    This shit bang! This Nigga finally giving NYC some good new talent..