• mrzee

    that “video still” isnt flattering.

  • Respect

    lmaoo, hold up, y she got the best one!

  • That Guy

    not bad at all. But, and i dont know what it is, i just dont have the attention span to listen to female rappers.

  • headedhard

    she doesnt look good

  • JustMyOpinion

    Her hair weave reminds me of Travis Scott’s scarf. No?….too soon? Ha. Okay.

  • ramondfresco

    damn if u gonna be mediocre at least be nice to look at sheesh.

  • Genesis

    So I’m the only guy that wants to fuck her? Does that make me gay?

  • A$AP Rocky

    LOL “Angle” Haze… last time I checked it was “Angel” Haze. Must be too busy kissing Drake’s ass.

  • herohiro


  • ECU

    Angle lol

  • koa29

    LMAO @ That Still image.

    She looks like a crackhead

  • 2pac”sHairline

    This whore looks pathetic, wow, here face scares me. This is cringe worthy.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    obviously rehearsed, but still i guess….eh

  • logan

    shes fine af idk what you homos talking bout.she got that nice petite body you could just take control of. but besides that she makes dope music and is a true spitter unlike not just most these females but just most rappers in general

  • @Genesis Having sex with horses does not make you gay at all… Disturbed.maybe, but gay? No.

  • loki

    I love how the only real rappers have to be black guys from the hood. Y’all hatin just because she doesn’t look good. The girl spit better than nearly all the freshman. Its a pity our women are only seen as objects by our own people.

  • @loki… Correction bruh, WOMEN are only seen as objects by ALL people, not just blacks.

  • ^@Buggin Out! Tru Dat. Her image could use some work but her flow was nice.

  • koa29

    @loki you act like people don’t talk shit on ross about how fat he is. this isn’t a sexism thing, sensitive ass mofucka

  • Early Earl

    While 80% of these comments are about her sex appeal… she is lyrically light years ahead of Trinidad James….

  • HiiiPoWeR

    Really? I’m the only one who thinks this is a transexual? Yall didn’t peep that adam’s apple? The fuck?

  • rapper2freedom

    Meh this is pre written compared to everybody else who did it on top their head

  • StarFox64

    its not even funny how disgusting she looks in the thumbnail..

  • Mar-tian

    @rapper2freedom all the “freestyles” were rehearsed. Do your research, they’ve always been for xxl

  • Jay

    One of the best freestyles out of the freshmen class!!! Haters gon hate!

  • Bongo

    Shes dope, but she look like Rakim with a weave.

  • the lighting is not flattering. she looks much better than what appears here. #inRittonWeTrust

  • keepitreal

    whats ignorant is people hatin on somebody because of how she looks….lets keep it about the lyrics. i swear some of the ignorance is just beyond outrageous yo. you dumb niggas is the reason why new artists never develop…ya focus on everything but the actual music.

  • f*ck your opinion

    woof she look nasty son