New Video: Logic “Nasty”

With Don Cannon on the boards, Logic gets nasty with a new video for Welcome To Forever dropping May 7th. Seven days later, he’ll be in Atlanta kicking off a 32 city tour. Tickets and other info can be found here.

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  • it’s the roc

    beat > rapper. but i cant front, this song was ill, if only for the beat, but logic did his thing on it flow-wise. once again logic making the best use of his new shine. i would have loved to hear nas on this

  • HOV

    aint hearin nothin new nothin new….


    i likes this kid lol FIRE. hit me for beats @ONEMANBEATS

  • Jake

    This nigga is dope as fuck

  • @rittonwelle

    the truth!

  • ECU

    look forward to his mixtape

  • Donn

    There’s no way to deny the kid’s talent and hunger. Ur just being a hater if you say he’s not dope, At this point I wanna see if he can craft songs and radio hits. Which I’m pretty sure he can

  • Black Shady

    dope or not…what is he bringing to the table??? theres a million “Logic” online.

    beat is dope tho. shouts to Cannon

  • Mar-tian

    I wish you guys would have posted this in “prime time”
    Anyways this song was tough. Cannon’s production was great and logics flow complemented the track.

  • poeticassasin

    Diggy Simmons 2.0 he can rap, but he’s not saying anything

  • non

    maaaaaaan, i chopped up that same sample on a beat a year ago

  • marquice

    white version of Diggy lol the agression is there similar to when J Cole started tho

  • http://@rittonwelle Ritton Welle

    @Black Shady Really? show me.

  • brza


  • dopeness


  • Troofy

    Nothing special!

  • jrak

    J.COLE 2.0

  • onenutned

    no punchlines, no bars, no metaphors no story tellin’…the fuck passes for ill these days?..nigga you can’t say you nice and not have the lyrical ability to back it up…he’s hungry but he ain’t showin and provin. foh son.

  • Peekay

    i like it. Better than 95% of the shit that gets posted on here.

  • Realist

    loool @ jrak
    Who Dat Part 2

  • Tdac


    the lil wayne era is ending

  • Tdac

    @jrak he better than j cole

  • Gambino

    add macklemore to the twitter 100

  • Evil

    Basic rhymes.Beat is ill though.

  • BKLYN44

    This kid is better than all your waaack trap rappers….Truth!!!MCing right here!

  • Strickly Wu Wear


  • Nathaniel

    lol @ the white diggy simmons.

    this nigga ain’t talkin’ about shit. it’s 2013 and niggas still freestyle battle rappin over beats and calling them records.

  • The Truth Hurts

    @tdac STOP IT! He’s not better than J. Cole but he’s better than a lot of these so called hip hop artist today.

  • MyOpinion

    He’s mixed

  • Chillthrills

    It aint hard to rock to the drum beat,,,he basic,,the content is basic,,,,,we will see,,,

  • CJ

    God…when he said that kanye line and then the bars after that…. goosebumps

  • KoldCase

    dude is fuckin dope

  • phuckyoopinion

    Talented cant judge an artist fully of one song will wait to see what else he has to offer everybody is a critic