• The Wise

    She fell way the fuck offfff…

  • not bad eve, she still god it… www_1117brand_com

  • Faded

    s m h

  • LOL

    after all these years, i still wanna fuck Eve. i bet her pussy taste sweet as fuck.

  • wickwickwack

    fell off ?
    j cole aside …none of thes rap radar posts are better than this freestyle
    sadly her album was popish but she´s still the best active female mc

  • K.dot

    Eve did her thang, and it look like she was really freestyling

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  • The Wise

    ^^she fell the fuck if ..to repeat pay ur taxes 4 times lik it was really shock value was corny as fuck

  • Genesis

    Best active female MC? So Jean Grae retired huh?

  • u gotta come harder than that E V E! thats str8 trash.. we xpect more from you.. just telling it like it is.. its ya boy RICKYUNOS!

  • DK

    1.) I’ll always be *kinda* rooting for Eve. ‘Scorpion’ was a good fuckin’ album.

    2.) Why does every other song and freestyle that comes out lately have to use the 2 Chainz “Mercy” flow.

    3.) Did YN give up on his ‘Truth’ segments? Scrapping that shit and focusing on CRWN is probably a good idea.

  • recordpusher

    Dynasty “Epic Dynasty”

    *Best Active Female MC

  • Nickey Black

    Eve has always been real wack to me. Especially now she flaunting her slavemaster

  • King of swag

    suck drakes d, get on again

  • Stone

    Ruff Ryder’s Should Reunite For One Last Album….

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  • asmodeus ashmadi

    NA that shit over. sometimes u gotta leave classics alone in that plexiglass box!

  • HK

    Still got it but repeating that tax line was waack