New Video: Hit-Boy “Jay-Z Interview Pt. 2”

Produced by Childish Major and himself, Hit-Boy compiles various clips from his trusty cam for the second installment of his “Jay-Z Interview“. And of course, there goes YN, all up in the video.

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  • stereokiller

    instead of hit boy he should be called fuck boy..

  • yo


  • J

    Real Life shit, salute

  • ddd

    your a clown bro

  • ddd

    stay behind the scenes and stick to making beats

  • Young Lucky

    aint “big homie” YN? So WHY THE FUCK do you post these posts mentioning YN as if it’s not you?!?

  • Truth Will Out

    So Polo da Don and Chase N Cash are dead to the kid?


    –Truth Will Out

  • GTFO

    Blah Blah Blah Money, Blah Blah Blah Look at Me.. Same O Same O. Don’t really care, but i respect the hustle. If people feed into it, then keep on doing it. *shrug*

  • Set303

    Who was that guy with Common? It looked like Kweli

  • ddave

    CDQ anyone?

  • koa29

    you can tell he’s improved as a rapper. that’s all you can ask for

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  • Big Homie and YN are different people. YN is Elliot Wilson. Forgot who Big Homie was.

  • Push For Life

    Dope video dope song can hate on Hit Boy at all he’s a dope producer. Work hard you’ll get there too. Don’t really see him having to much of a rap career tho as hard as he’s trying.

  • foekist

    YN is the Pachanga of the journalist game.

  • John John

    aka “Through the Wire PT 2”. I can’t front I didn’t think I was gonna feel it but it was a great song as well as a great video. Good Job Hit Boy.

  • StarFox64

    tell dude he should just produce more hits,boy…

  • realness718

    good video.. i dont mean to be a hater but hes too early in his career to be popin shit ,… one hit doesnt equate to all that, im sorrry.. lol kanye had hits before he even dropped his album and lived that life..

  • King of swag

    stop rapping. or just do it cause you can.

  • This was cool, but part 1 is where its at. I feel like Polo’s about come out the wood works to discuss that “Old friends” line.

  • somethinglikearapper

    Its much better them his old shit but you can hear all he been listening to is gkmc

  • somethinglikearapper

    Its better then his shit but he sounds like all he has been listening to is gkmc

  • Mihir

    He released the 2nd part exactly after a year

  • Carlos Reyos

    Check out HazeMunny’s first interview with The Global Underground

  • The Executive

    This is actually hot… the first one was trash and over hyped.

  • Haz

    His uncle put him on the uncle had 5 # 1 singles on bill board charts family been had money and music connections no raw talent in that. It’s just like how Miley Cyrus became a well known musician no raw talent very empty in that department.