• DJ Game

    recycled verse.

  • NYC

    recycled rapper

  • DeezNuts

    he can spit! mastered the flow…unfortunately, he brings nothing new to the table…

  • solo

    this dude corny…smh def jam stay signing the worst people.

  • Jax

    check this out

  • Jax
  • pptheTRUTH

    Yeah sorry to say.. Dude can rap.. But his CD gets somehow stolen by one line from a different rapper.. And I say somehow because that rapper was trinidad james.. I got fam servin fiends.. and fiends i call my fam””

  • KoldCase

    All you niggas hating go listen to welcome to forever and then say hes wack

    he has so much potential

    Gtf outta here


    dude is trash and the DMV is not fuckin wit this nigga

  • l

    people commenting on this hating are the reason hiphop and society is shit and you guys are idiots

  • Ma Clarte

    Cosign – @Koldcase.. heard verses here and there form this dude and he was nice but the first solid listen I gave was the Welcome to Forever mixtape.. Solid from beginning to end.. He has a lot of potential.

    @l you got that right.. people come to hate on this dude for what? because he doenst look like your typical rapper?? they have no valid points of why hes garbage?

    I understand people are entitled to their opinions but when you come across making statements with no validity behind.. cmon man.. lets be real!

  • .

    He said : “i’m complex ya’ll are just tenants”


  • Nutsonya Chin

    Bro also said aint no father to his style…LOL his “administer sinister” technical-complex shit was all done 100X better and more authentic in the 90s.. looks at this watered down ass version of that shit GTFOH… This aint “real hip-hop” this is cliche- traditional hiphop done by some cornball i wouldnt mind punching in his face.

  • DeezNuts

    @nutsonya chin: exactly.

    i ain’t hating, i think he’s talented. i never said he can’t progress. it’s great that def jam signed him… problem is he sounds like ”dejavu” rapper

  • kid got Lyrics Nice. Hit me for Beats @OneManBeats Beat Library http://www.OneManEnt.com

  • Jake

    This nigga is nice

  • i respect this kid sticking to the true lyricism roots. http://www.youtube.com/user/KINGSEANFAME CHECK OUT THE HI-DEF *OFFICIAL* VIDEO SEAN FAME – “FORGED IN THE FIRE”

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  • anon

    he can spit man you gotta give him that