Nardwuar vs. Logic

While in Vancouver, Def Jam’s Logic finally got his interview with Nardwuar. After discussing the story behind the reach out tweet, Nardwuar treated him with vinyls from Sinatra to No I.D. He’s excited.

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  • Belize

    “Nardwuar treated him with vinyls from Sinatra to No I.D.”

    BLOODCLOT! How bout a fucking spoiler alert bruh..that’s the best part of watching nard motherfuka

  • DMVinyourchick

    Damn he’s a hot ass rapper but he’s such a cornball, whatever he reppin Maryland and he doin it well

  • Yng Nipsino the best

    logic is the next j cole but god damn stop being such a fan…im tryna be yo fan..i cant be a fan of a fan..

  • solo

    how did they let this corny white boy in?

  • Français

    He’s wrong. “in a sentimental mood” was not miles Davis and John Coltrane. It was Duke Ellington and John Coltrane.

  • it’s the roc

    logic is the worst nardwuar interviewee ever. way too forced.

  • fuck

    @solo his dad is actually black @Yng Nipsino the best – why not tho? id rather listen to a humble dude with a message then a egotistical fuck who think way to highly of himself. fuck

  • Chris

    logic is a corny as fuck. pays to be a white rapper these days.

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  • keepitreal

    ya do know logic is half black half white right? google it idiots.


    just calm down my nigga….i know shit is crazy right now. But keep the BARS

  • juju

    yeah…that was the worst nardwuar interview…

  • Yung Homie the Kang

    dude is such a herb