YN Interviews Jay-Z


Its the battle of the laughs. Before Hov took the field at Yankee Stadium last weekend, YN caught up with him for a special sit-down of The Truth. In the first part, Jay talks about Magna Carta Holy Grail, Samsung deal, and new legends.

UPDATE: In the second segment, Jay discusses sports management, competition, Harry Belafonte, Trayvon Martin, and fatherhood.

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  • MCHG sucks

  • itsMe

    I hate YN’s laugh smh

  • the truth

    nice tits elliot.

  • skrillz

    hahah Jay has nooo clue what he’s talkin about to YN half the time – ‘bassquiat and art colliding and stuf’ – seriously who does this guy think he is – Jigga came up wearing crazy do-rags, having an ugly ass smile, and making killer raps with DMX and ja – now he thinks heeees sooo bogie cause he’s chillen wit kanye

    Jigga would lovvee to be pac back in the day – when pac had a crazy influence on the masses, and was actually banging madonna and shit

    jay such a funny clown now in 2013 it’s HILARIOUS – dame and biggs must crack up at this guy


  • Donn

    Did YN laugh alot

    I’m scared to listen. Best interview was with Zane Lowe. No dick riding, no unnecessary laughter or cliche questions. Hov drops jewels

  • eastpointvet

    good interview YN got CRWN without having yall pay to see it thanks.

    and skrillz what jay said made a lot of sense if you knew about the 80s art scene in new york but then again you may have not even been born then.

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  • Juice

    Great interview elliott. You asked the right questions and improved from your CRWN interviews. I notice you tried to keep your hyena laugh away from this interview lmao. Long may that continue

  • Nathaniel

    lol @ skrillz

    jay got crazy influence in 2013, bro. and he’s banging…. beyonce.

  • Nathaniel


  • Nathaniel

    oh, and b.dot…

    i’m pretty sure that hyphen has been discontinued, my nigga. “JAY Z”, you lazy journalist, you. #newrules #factsonly

    i’d say when it’s all said and done this will be the best hov interview. order being

    Zane Lowe
    Breakfast Club



    Angie Martinez (no shade, ang… but that interview was like best friend small talk.)

  • prai$e

    @ 0.35 the guy with the tits calls jay “my boss”. it all makes sense now.

  • Johnny Ryall

    You don’t have to like Jay-Z the rapper, the album or any of them for that matter… but if you don’t Respect. his vision and care for hip-hop culture your whole perspective is wack.
    I know that time period he was talkin bout when there was no Cole, Kendrick or KRIT (ya I said KRIT B.) It was scary thinking that there would be no torch passing and then who knows where the culture could have gone.
    Pimpjuice might be done movin units but yo Em you next homie.

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    First off it was a GREAT interview. I’m not sure if y’all saw how Elliott Wilson kinda posed that question about fame to Jay allowing people to see his take of it is which totally different from Kanyes’. LOL By the way I kinda feel skrillz on the art stuff, like let’s be real Jay-Z was talking about art and ish until maybe when Kingdom Come dropped I think all that artsy stuff was a heavy influence from Ye. But nonetheless an insightful interesting and entertaining interview.

  • Jungz

    I was going to say something about the way Jay is sitting, and then i looked at how Elliot is sitting, then it made me realize how i was sitting while watching the video (like Elliot).. Hov has great posture lol.

  • The Real Truth

    @Skrillz Dame aint laughing at anything, he damn near broke, he also likes the album because to quote Dame ” love hearing Jay talk that shit because I know its true” and Biggs aint laughing because he locked up, kicking himself in the ass wishing they didn’t try to fuck Jay over…

    @killa and its called evolution… u cant talk about the same stuff at 43 that u did at 27, dude is worth over 450 million, and he’s into art, so why cant he talk about it?

    Yall need to open up your eyes and respect a hustle, and respect someone who came from nothing to something, u dont have to like it, but to hate is just ignorant

  • DopeeeeeNesssss

    Its the ROC!

    Support unsigned new DMV artist
    Dope video
    Supe Dupe “World In My Hands”


    Jean Michele-Basquiat used to write under the alias “SAMO” (pronounced Same O, for same ole shit) with another cat named Al Diaz.

    If Mr. Carter was such an art buff as he tries to lead us on to believe, he would know this little fact and in turn, he would not have mispronounced the moniker in “Picasso Baby”….

    “..come thru with the ‘Ye mask on, spray everythinglike SAMO, I wont scratch the Lambo….”-JAY Z

    mmmmmmyeaaaah, stop using minimalist era art legends for looks……



    *Jean-Michel Basquiat

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  • Northwest

    Jay needs to sign http://soundcloud.com/Love_At_First_Sound/recklessyouth whoever that is is making the type of music kanye should be making

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  • Black Shady

    this nigga and Basquiat….I swear! you’d think he’s getting a check everytime he mentions him smh

    good interview tho

  • D Twice

    Shot fired at Kanye-20:28

    Shot fired at Rick Ross-23:00

  • 80griots

    It amazes me when niggas claim Ye influenced Jay’s interest in the arts.

    He has referenced many contemporary artists in his career before Ye became bougie. Ye took Pharrell & Lupe’s style and evolved into the so-called trend-setter he is today, do you guys even know the time line of the culture? Ye came in the game screaming polo and loius vitton don, Jay had already been rapping about high fashion for years prior.

    And the person claiming Jay is a poser for his alliteration of Samo to rhyme with Lambo, you must not nothing about rhyming dude, how do you think he’s been this rich this long, lived his whole life in NY and Basquiat is somehow alien to his knowledge base? The hate be thick sometimes but o well …

  • The Association of Chronos

    Great interview…..

    I like the last few moments when Jay was talking about that 2006-2008 era of HORRIBLE music. Not all but, a good overall it was.

    I always wonder how he felt about that time. Em had said he felt like Hip-Hop was getting worse so, its good to hear his take.

    Again, good interview so far

  • I ain’t see this nigga seem so agitated in answering a question since Ether came out lol, you can tell he feels like he should be applauded for that Samsung deal, not criticized, and he’s right.

    Like I said when it was first announced, in the Hip Hop realm, there’s really only two artists capable of that, him & Em, so it’s not like he destroyed anything for the rest of the culture, he just took advantage of his position, and that’s why he keeps winning. He been doing that since day one..

  • ncprecise

    Dope interview. MCHG is the BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR.

  • Ray Love

    Soon you’ll understand or maybe not.

  • mrny

    Wait so just because he didn’t start out rapping about art, he doesn’t know anything about it? You can’t learn new things and rap about new things or interest? Maybe he pronounced the word wrong so it could rhyme.

  • i have to spark up some loud because i know @Elliot Wilson gonna be laughing thru out the interview .lls

  • ED

    Nah, not better than Zane Lowe, but better than Angie, but. Not as organic and professional as Zane Lowe seemed. You can’t expect that same energy, when you open up the interview acknowledging him as your boss.
    Better ‘hip hop’ interview, but not overall in general. The best would be Power 105.1 in NYC, The Breakfast Club.

    1) The Breakfast Club Power 105.1
    2) Zane Lowe
    3) YN
    4) Angie Martinez (Hot 97)

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  • 456 headCrAcK

    Bk bitches.. The KING of this shit

  • The Brain Trust

    Very engaging so far.

    Love how we’re getting a different perspective from the ones shown in previous interviews.

  • TImeChange

    i was expecting a wack interview, but it was good,cant front or hate on it.

    1. Breakfast Club ( hard to beat those hood questions Charlamagne was asking)
    2. YN
    3. Zane
    4. Angie



    Hov is not trying to be an art buff. Dude is a serious collector of art. In 2005 I gave him a copy of my Marcus Jansen art book (google him) to introduce him to that artist. I had a booth at an Art show in SOHO. He was @ the art show with faded jeans chilling with all the other colletors/lovers of art.

    Trust, diude knows artist you’ve never even heard of. And last, Basquiat was not in the minimalist era. Minimalism was a 30s/40s European/ Bauhaus movement spearheaded by like likes of Piet Mondrian. American Minimals kicked in during the 60’s, Not a minimalist, Basquiat was in the POP ART era with Andy Warhol. Picasso is not a minimalist artist either, so not sure which minimalist artists he is exploiting.


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  • DJ Game

    Okay, I am a Nas fan. I think Ether is way better than the Takeover record. I am no way a Jay-Z fan, but I like what he had to say. He made a lot of great points. And even though he started as Big’s hype man, he still did his thing and worked hard to be where he is. I am working really hard to become a success myself so I know what he means when he says that he deserves this shit. Shit is tough in the world and when you come from nothing, you really are so proud of yourself. So good for him. This is a dope interview as well. Elliott, stop riding. You guys are running the blogs right now but you and B.Dot need to get Hov’s testicles out of your asses. And that’s just real.

  • 456 headCrAcK

    yeah this was a good interview, jay drops some real gems.

  • Medusa V

    1. Zane Lowe
    2. Breakfast Club
    9 Angie

    Zane first because Jay accelarated to a relaxed point faster than the other interviews ,plus it seemed like a conversation at certain points rather that a Q an A which I think the primary reason the breakfast club does well in its interviews, CthaGod is hella entertaining with the hood questions ,but Jay just pauses and doesnt even answer if the questions wack which is funny cause it makes the interviewer look wack eg..points during Angies interview ,…angie disappointed me shes fallen off with the way she questions artists and her topics of discussion Id rather watch a Jack thriller interview his D grade celebrities on thisis 50 than her…any wonder her internet show never took off…
    YN good for leading to his business acumen and letting people know the mechanics of how hes changing the game..samsung deal ,billboard etc. ,new streams of revenue. rather than surface questions interviews better when they get the artists into specifics ,cause when most people watch to be entertained and amused by interviews there are a few of us watching , studying and learning the blueprint ,eg..words used, composure, how they articulate, how a artists presence changes the interview ..eg Cthagod and 50 interview , artists idioms etc..
    After his Hot 97 interview YN impressed me with his delivery cause he seemed to effortlessly control the interview which is generally difficult when ebro and rosenberg are at it, didnt really know who YN was kinda till then ..or at least his authority in hip hop lol didnt even know what YN meant …
    word the the wise though dude gotta rock a black vneck those itties mann ,cmon bro ur kids mann ur kids ..
    plus dont call him ur boss hes fortunate to have u ..mann its like the respect I had for u from the 97 and breakfast interview got diminished in that one line..my boss…act humble naturally dont reach for it…
    …its cool if u wanna be 2nd if thats your preference.. hov …best line from the interview…
    but hey what do i know Im just a maori boy from NZ who lives in Banyo Queensland Australia call me on 0423938043 ”i wanna hear what u have to say ” in my elliot voice…

  • Evil

    Good interview.

    I still hope for a Jay z / Nas / EM track…please make it happen!

  • Izzy-ballin

    People who are not obsessed with celebrities will admit this Jay album is horrible.

  • ^ this

  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    Real man talk not that emo/kneegrows stereotype of the day shit.

    ‘Not here to be second best’

  • mac DIESEL


    ……..THAT IS ALL!!!!


  • J Yankee 123

    Great interview except for YN and his ridiculously corny and kiss @$$ laugh. Get this guy off the air PLEASE!!

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  • J. Cole

    OFF SUBJECT: I hate the sound being in just one speaker per SPEAKER.

  • Dopest Jay interview so far

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  • takenotes.

    excellent interview YN. props to you.

  • Ipodman

    So Jay z is yn’s boss. Now I understand why this site operates in a funny way. On another note this guy yn needs to stay away from cameras and mics and stay behind his laptop.

  • Trippy

    Great interview

  • Ignorant Wisdom

    we need more people like him, real smart dude.

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    yeah jay confirms what i’ve suspected for a while, he is not just content to be a great rapper or a successful businessman, he is actively taking on the mantle of a social and cultural leader.

  • The Wise

    Seriosuly..gind sum better interviewers for god sakes.. Yall fuckers be askin the same shitt..ive heard all this questions asked thru one older interview..they charlamagne the god to ask em the hood questions people that have grow with jay would like to know

  • TheTruth

    Watches as YN head expands just a little bit more…

  • StarFox64

    the dude is friends with jay y wouldnt it be a great interview..?

  • Dre

    @LIQUORSTOREMAN Who doesn’t mispronounce words or say them as they really are. Majority of the hip hop industry pronounce Maybach (May-back) when it’s pronounced (My-bok) so what’s your’e point?

  • platerboy


  • platerboy



    2 niggas well past their prime, using gimmicks(Hov) and dick riding(you know thats you Elliot) to try and stay relevant………..Its a sad state of affairs when two talented folks dont bend but break who they were to appeal to a younger generation for the sake of a dollar

  • Dope interview. Didnt seem repetitive or anything. Hard to place em in the best order because this one, Zane, and BC’s all had different facets working for it in a different way.

    No shade, but I guess everyone has a consensus that Angie is the least favorable, which is a shame because her and Jay used to have the best interviews.

  • the One

    Respect !

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  • D Twice

    He says he claims 4 classics.
    1.Reasonalble Double
    2.The Blueprint
    3.The Black Album.

    I want to know what he thinks the fourth is.

  • Capricorn Religion

    @D Twice

    “American Gangster” most likely. I had caught that too (Idk why either but. its always the little shit I notice)….

    But yeah it has to be that. Tho, in the Breakfast club interview he said that “American gangster” and “MCHG” can fight and compete for that 4th spot.

    We’ll see as time moves on when I’m old an complaining about how these new rappers couldn’t hold a candle to Em, Jay, etc. Sounding all old an bitter Ha!

  • Oh shit that’s wusup.Gotta peep these.Jay album is dope.IDK what niggas are hearing.
    Loch Jay-Z Picasso Baby Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman Freestyle: http://youtu.be/DlwwlUsrO54

  • Pretty bad

    First off, I’M A LONG TIME FAN OF YN. Bought XXL off the strength of YN’s editorials & how much he improved XXL (their typesetting & covers were the worst ever)

    However, this interview is average at best.
    YN is answering the questions as he asks them. It’s painful.
    Jay Z is WORKING REALLY HARD to make sub-par questions interesting & failing.
    Jay Z continues to speak in terms of “growing up” & being “real”, but let’s be honest. Jay Z ‘s his name & he took off JAZ O’s name. He rode Jaz, Irv, BIG, Nas & changes his flows to whatever’s hot.
    YN’s questions are “leading” Jay. It’s tiring. YN gives his opinion on what Jay Z is/are/feels then forces Jay to confirm w/e opinion YN put out. Terrible
    YN’s laughs are beyond forced more than ever. Come on. That Rick Rubin story was NOT that funny. Old fat man likes to lay down. Ok?

    In general, it’s very obvious YN’s feelings were hurt that Zane Lowe beat YN to it & put a more interesting take on an interview with Jay than the garbage Breakfast Club/Hot 97 interviews had.
    I give YN credit for having an interesting setting, before the JT show, & for making an effort, but it wasn’t that good

    Big Sean/Macklemore is a chance to improve your interviewing skills

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Employees interviewing their boss; bad idea

  • wickwickwack

    u did a decent job mr wilson
    nice interview

  • Cilvaringz

    Scrolling down the comments I find it sad that many fail to look past his music (whether you like it or not) and just look at the man, acknowledge his growth but more than anything, appreciate his sincere efforts towards pushing this culture forward. Besides being an amazing artist, I appreciate the fact that the person Jay-Z is not afraid to just be himself, regardless of what is considered cool or not in today’s perception of what Hip Hop is or should be. Feeling confident in being yourself is the ultimate stage of being, from there you build out and try to make a positive impact on your life and others. The music is just a soundtrack to that journey. Try to see it that way.

    As for best interview, I think whenever you see an artist feeling inspired, willing and comfortable while speaking his mind, the goal is achieved. There’s no such as thing as best interview, it’s just a collective of different energies and for that, each interview with an amazing person like Jay is inspiring to watch.

    My two cents, peace.


  • ncprecise

    1. Breakfast Club
    2. YN
    3. Lowe
    4. Angie

  • JOHNYblaze


    I agree with poinsonkoola up top there though lmao, interview was just slightly akward it looked forced deep at times and just within the first few mins i got sussed out from the way YN laughed with Jigga there.

    It seems like Jay Z rather be telling some white person about his life in this weird 3rdperson AVANT GARDE bullshit.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    man if Yn wasnt such a fa g this might actually be cool

  • medusaV

    He moved up after that 2nd one,


    things i learnt from Jay..

    1. made ugly nikkaz beleive they can get the hottest chic in the game wearing ma chain ..
    by swag personailty and talent and being a decently disiplined
    2.Made broke nikkaz believe they can get rich my having strategy and working on their godgiven talents
    3. Never strive for second..
    .quote “my very presence is charity”

  • Hip-Hop

    Good interview. @p0is0nedkoola, you swear you’re so knowledgable. Who the fuck have YOU interviewed? What have you DONE? You’re nothing but another commenter like the rest of us. Stop begging people to follow you on Twitter too.

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  • Haywood Jablomie

    If this talentless racist “closely followed the trial”, then he would have known that 100 percent of the evidence PROVED that known burglar, druggie, and violence-prone thug Trayvon Martim “jumped” George Zimmerman, knocked him to the ground, straddled him and was brutally beating him (“MMA-style”, according to an eye witness) when he was shot.

    So, what is racist Jay-Z’s position? That blacks should be allowed to beat white people? That if a white person is being beaten by a black man, and believes he’s going to be seriously injured or even killed, he should be required to lay there and take it?

    I didn’t think even Jay-Z was so stupid as to try to claim that Martin’s holding a man down and brutally beating him was somehow self-defense from being followed. The last I heard, a neighborhood watchman following a suspicious person is not illegal, nor is it justification for assaulting the neighborhood watchman.

    Jay-Z is a disgusting racist.

  • Jbreezy201

    omg that laugh gets so obnoxious, the worst was the drake interview, i dont know who or what told elliot he could do radio or video interviews with that laugh.

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  • @hip-hop

    What do I know?
    Well to begin with simple Simon, I’m a fan of actual interviews that take a format that hasn’t been beaten to death. Thus my surname “LESTER BANGS of hip hop”
    Google Lester Bangs and learn about him, simp.

    Second, “begging” for followers?
    Where do I ask anyone to follow me? I’m just letting people know where to hit me up to continue the discussion, which has happened actually. People follow me off the strength of an opinion that isn’t based off hate or fanboy cheerleading.
    Ya don’t agree w/me. Cool.

    However, I’m not some HaTeR spewing off about Jay’s or YN’s looks/money/wives etc.
    I’m speaking facts.
    This interview was the first that YN has done for his Youtube & it came AFTER Zane Lowe’s interview which so many gave props to.
    YN ran out and did his own long format interview & it was average, at best.

    I’m a long time YN fan & respect the man, but I loved Michael Jordan too, but if he had a bad game, I could admit it.
    That’s the difference between being a fan & a fanatic or as I like to call you people, FUCKBOY FANBOYS.

    Ya believe that Jay Z is some ‘artist” because he lip syncs in a museum? Fine
    Ya think Jay Z is “deep” because he was mad at the travesty that was the Zimmerman verdict? Fine
    Ya think Jay Z knows art because he brought up the two most famous painters names in interviews/songs? lol , OK.

    Good luck w/that

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Learn what it’s like to be an unbiased fan

  • Hip-Hop

    ^^^^ Meanwhile, YN’s interview is on Fox and CNN. Your opinions mean nothing. You want to pretend to be lester bangs? Where’s your byline? What have you contributed to hip-hop besides appearing in a comment section of a blog? Shut the fuck up and keep your thoughts to yourself

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  • kathyd

    What else would you expect from this “star”? Both he and his wife, Beyonce, are always slobbering over OBUMMER and Moochie.

    I wonder if he would have been so angry if George Zimmerman had been black and Trayvon Martin had been white.

    Why isn’t Jay-Z angry about Darryl Green, a black child, being murdered by a gang of black thugs?

    Why isn’t Jay-Z angry about a white baby being shot in the face and killed by a gang of black thugs?

    This “star” and his wife need to get their priorities straight before they spew they hate onto the world.

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  • Steve

    I put Elliot at Zane Lowe’s standard, and he pulled it off. Yes Elliot, this was (one of) the best JayZ interviews.

    PS. Thanks for the updates on the HipHop/Rap culture!

  • @Hip Hop
    I’ve done more than ya know.
    But what matters is my opinion and writing is better than yours. I mean, I get you’re upset that you have nothing to offer other than anger, curses & cliche terms that you heard from a rap song to TRY to insult me, so I pity you.
    Poor thang (Slick Rick voice)

    @p0is0nedkoola on Twitter
    Google “surname” dumb dumb.

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  • vurbz

    1)YN doesn’t know when to laugh and it ruins the interviews
    2) some dude commented and said b.dot is a lazy journalist because he didn’t take the hypen out of jay z’s name…come on B..you judging people off of semantics now…gtfoh

  • SSD

    I read Jay-Z’s response to Harry Belafonte and actually laughed. Sir, are you joking? You are paid entertainer, which in my book puts you on the same level as a clown at a birthday party or a magician at a bat mitzvah. To compare yourself to Barack Obama — a scholar, attorney, senator, and president is not only laughable, it is offensive. You don’t give hope, you give performances. Your presence is not charity when you charge admission. You make music, open night clubs,represent other ignorant new black money, slapped your trademark on a basketball team, and flaunt your wealth on yachts with your wife. Hell no, you don’t get a “big up” for that. You represent exactly what is wrong with America. Being rich doesn’t make you special and it doesn’t give you a pass to be disrespectful. Its really no wonder he and Kanye are so close. Ignorance feeds ignorance.

    • Rob Calhoun

      So, basically you can do the.same or better then??

  • MCHG great

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