Jay-Z “Picasso Baby” Video Trailer


Hov’s Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film, which was shot at NY’s Pace Gallery earlier this month, will debut on HBO on August 2 at 11 pm EST. He will also appear on Real Time with Bill Maher following the premiere. Y’all basic subscribers might want to upgrade. Young H-O on HBO.

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  • wivu

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  • Lightsaber Leg

    Okay the post. But the dick riding makes me wanna croak

  • itsMe

    Dope…..lets get it!!!

  • skrillz

    In 2002 – if Jay-Z made a song like this he’d be laughed at by EVERY Rapper, including HIMSELF
    He should listen to Harry Belafonte…
    stop talkin about stupid art pictures that NO one in the hood cares about
    talk about REAL issues…
    we KNOW, you evolved Jigga…you’re not the same
    But that doesn’t mean you clown around as a rich, fake-white clown
    Be a BLACK LEADER!!!!

  • Midsize Jerm

    I do gotta say he comes off looking like a clown in this a little bit, just the way he’s dressed and behaving seems to be so far off from the image of him everyone initially fell in love with…the whole concept here seems to be Jay trying to complete his transition into the white high class….I don’t like that shit, and I’m white, but really, just stay true to your roots….instead we get this, and it’s pretty depressing…it just doesn’t look that exciting, seeing him rapping to old ladies and children on a song about Picasso…I’ll take Vol. 1-3 era Hov or even Black Album era Hov over this new sellout everyday.

    Plus, how long is this video gonna be that it needs to premie on HBO and shit? I thought this was one of the weaker songs off MCHG, and this amount of promotion is unnecessary.


  • D Twice

    ^It would be too simple to call y’all haters. Y’all some loathsome ass mother fuckers mad at the fact that the man is comfortable in his skin and doesn’t have to act like a thug to sell records. He is a black leader and shows us that we can achieve by just being ourselves.

    @skrillz you sound like an ignorant black dude slaved to the “we’ll never be more than niggas” mentality

    @midsize jerm
    you sound like a racist. “white high class” Yeah thats why he’s married to a beautiful black woman and breaks new ground for black entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

    Say anything you want about this comment but you know I’m right.

  • Midsize Jerm

    @D Twice the only women I see in this video are white…


  • brza

    im with it. get’m jay!

  • diggy

    Long arms short sleeves… jay you looking like a clown out here, you clearly being something you not. people let you slide cause you got cheese, but you have no REAL love out here no more B!

  • diggy

    catch him slippin he gon get 2 chained just for that outfit

  • @diggy we all know jay has the LEAST original style & swag in comparison to Diddy, Birdman, Rozay, Wayne, Juicy J, Rocko, French, etc… the list goes on. he wearin the shyt out that top shirt button lol, must be to cover up that “turkey neck syndrome” lmao. “Young!”

  • Fuego

    Y’all sound like crybabys. This is called progression. #NewRules

  • DNAA

    Some of you people are idiots, nothing wrong with what he’s wearing! Plus I’ve been saying for weeks hes acting a lot more happier since the birth if his child, more grown. Not acting all thuggish but like a man, maybe some of you “g’s” might want to take a hard look at yourselves. Clowns

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  • “Smoke-A-Lot”

    there’s a lot more to hip hop than jay z

  • Ridalen

    Hip hop hates change but there ain’t a damn thing y’all can do about it but pout

  • tucq

    I’m not into this new album at all, but I like all the interviews and promotion around it. I wish the product itself matched the hype.

    There is nothing wrong with changing. All of cats out there in your 20s will realize that when u get in your 40s.

  • KING

    yall sound so stupid its amazing. only in rap do i see this type of behaviour. its like they want you to get some money not alot just some get like 15-25 mil and thats it anytime you reach over that your a sell out. like what the fuck is wrong with you people. i always say this, i aint trust my own black people cause yall sold our own kind in slavery days, killing our own ind in the streets now and wanting our own kind to fail when they come into sucess. i heard a very idiot comment jay is rapping to old white women……..are you stupid? i want to know who artist, muscician orathlete that does not want his or her talents to be appreciated by every one, not just their own race but every one, ofcourse the music or what ever artform may resonate with a particular group but that does not mean that it cant appeal to a wider mass. if pac was here yall would have called him a sell out to cause pac was moving at a pace where he wanted to dip his hands in everything. people be acting like jay at his age should still be thugging and gansta. dude is worth 500 mil what should he thug about. we thug and be gansta cause our enviroment molded us to be hard cause we have to survive and being soft wont allow survival, but now i have survied made it to point where i dont need to act thug, i act thug with this buisness and deals so that i can feed my family and leave enough so that my great grand kids can be happy and people are hating on that from behind a computer, some of you did not even have breakfast yet but you decide to come here and hate. i never see this in other types of music. not country music, rock music ooh, their fans are mostly white thats why. yall are crabs in a bucket. kill each other,hate on the person next door, hate on the dudes on tv winnning just hate form yall. STUPID

  • Chill

    If you’re old enough to remember and appreciate Jay’s old subject matter and you’re complaining that he doesn’t sound like a “G,” or he’s different from the the image “everyone initially fell in love with,” you’re probably too old you to be pining for such things.

    You probably need to grow the fuck up. It seems Jay has. No 40 something year old man should be worried about if another man thinks his outfit is “G enough” or “hood enough”, that’s some adolescent shit.

    And it’s sad that you have the same mentality that you had in 1999.

  • Genesis

    Lol…. You niggas clearly hate yourselves….. You crackers have no say because you could never understand….. Get em Hov!

  • Black Shady

    Jay-Z is on some next level shit cuz he raps about basquiat alot lmao

  • Genesis

    King and Chill on that real shit though…..

  • glass

    @DNAA… TRUTH!! Well put.

  • Sealey

    Say what you want but his subject matter is still hood. The ill part is that he’s not rapping to a bunch of white people some corny heal the world shit he’s spittin -I put down the cans and they ran amok
    My hairpin
    Piece skin rupture spleens….
    Cracks rips go through cribs and other things- to a room full of white people. Besides what type of person look at that entire video and look at a negro shirt Haaaa

  • DopeeeeeNesssss

    Jay know what he doing

  • TruthBeTold

    Gotta say Jay-Z is going IN at the moment

    He’s more artistic than Kanye West . That’s crazy to me .


  • 456 headCrAcK

    Picasso baby, hot track video looks cool

  • skrillz

    It’s NOT about Jay and his Progression
    The man is free to progress in ANY way that he wants
    BUT…he’s a celebrity, and more importantly, he’s a successful black celebrity
    Which means HIS VOICE MATTERS a lot more than other celebrities
    And that is OBVIOUSLY clear because so many people on this blog LOVE TO suck him off
    Listen to Harry Belafonte spittin the truth on Jay-Z…he KNOWS 1st hand about being a celebrity that fights for THEIR community

    #1 Black Celebrity nowadays = JAMIE FOX 100% – the man not only makes AMAZING art, he’s A SOLDIER, fighting for the rights of the black community, and him taking that stance DOES NOT turn him off to the white establishment money makers (who JAY-Z is obviously terrified of ‘turning off’)

  • skrillz

    Rap Became HORRIBLE in 2007-2008, WHEN the fan-base switched from a majority of minorities, to a majority of white people



    You need to be YOUR OWN ROLE MODEL. You obviously beleive that another man is supposse to inspire YOU to do better for YOU. Black people lose when they beleive that they need a “leader” to tell them how thewy should live. Jay Z owes you, your children, your family, society….NOTHING. he pays his taxes…..YOU figure out how not to kill yourselves in the streets and find better things to strive to become than rappers and sideline rapper critics. Jay Z is doing what you wish you could but wont cuz you feel like Rev Sharpton or some other so called leader is suppossed to show you how to do it. CMON SON. Black community has responsibilities for ITSELF. But black community would rather kill each otehr and judge each other based on clothes.


  • Izzy_Ballin

    @KING Limp Bizkit performed with Christina Aguilera and were considered sellouts. Metallica sued Napster and were considered sellouts. It happened a lot in various genres. HipHop fans need to get out of the bubble. Its probably the second most unpopular genre of music in the world. The main problem with hiphop fans are that when a someone expresses their opinion and people like you disagree you call them haters. Its like Jay fans have this monarchy complex in which if we say something bad about your leader/king you have to defend him. Thats hella corny. Jay is a horrible rapper right now. Its okay to mature. NaS has matured, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Jay Electornica makes mature rap music, but Jay’s music is superficial and materialistic with poser like substance. With corporations pushing marketing campaigns and fans like you who just call people haters for being independent thinkers you need to sit down somewhere and take a long look at yourself in the mirror.

  • Chill


    Wy don’t you just admit you’re a hater homie? Like, just admit it. First off, what does being liked by white people have to do with being a black soldier? The two aren’t mutually exclusive

    Further, what the hell does this song/video have to do with your opinion? Basically, what the fuck are you talking about?

    And just so you know, Jay and many other young black celebrities have done plenty of philanthropic work. Ironically, every time they do someone wants to categorize it as some “tax write-off,” “call for attention,” or promotional tool. Can’t win with you crabs.

    You worried about societal ills? Why don’t you try and do something yourself, or jump on these politicians who are supposed to fix shit? Newsflash, Jay-Z, nor any other celebrity can single handedly fix the societal ills affecting the black community. If we want it we gotta take it.

    Don’t worry about Jay is doing, look in the mirror.

    Enjoy the song or don’t enjoy the song, but move on sir. With ya crab-in-a-barrel ass.

  • Cal

    Aint letting no niggas hug him or bum rush him huh? hmm… this does say quite a bit about what A-LOT of money will do to the way you socialize yourself.


    Jay Z Doset Care About D!ck Riders. *InMyKanyeStandingNextToAustinPowersVoice

  • Space Ghost

    Jay Z is laying the blueprint for black youth to come out of this degenerative state of mind. If all you hear in this album is talk of Hublot watches and money then you are really skimming through his music. There is a message directed at black people that is so very powerful. The same way President Obama made his statement on Trayvon and has begun to separate himself from the illusion of peace with White America (not all whites are evil by the way), so is Jay-Z. Even in using their own images to garner their money, Jay Z is sending a direct message of self empowerment, Knowledge of Self and inturn GOD (some of you know exactly what I mean and peace to the GODS that do). I hear him….do you? The 6000 years is up….LET’S RISE!

  • Wo

    That Tom Ford shirt is hot … You Niggaz hatin prolly were Super Nintendo shirts… And another ground breaking moment he’s opening other outlets for artist HBO not MTV fuk boy jam of the week

  • really 23


    MVP from Jersey City is the next Kanye

  • skrillz

    lol @ anyone critical of me!!!!
    if you think Jay is entitled to do w/e he wants, that’s totally legit…
    if you think the man is setting the ‘blueprint’ for black youth – you are CRAZY!

  • Goldeneye

    Magna Cartas packaging was on some kanye album ish, now he’s gotta film? Runaway, cough, cough. What’s next? Jay-z vs the Volcano? Real ye fans know what I’m talking bout

  • Goldeneye

    Or maybe he could just change his moniker to Yay-Z

  • D Twice

    He does way more than you. You’re a grown ass man bitching about how another man spends his time. Shut up and get paid.

  • Northwest

    Drake needs to sign http://soundcloud.com/Love_At_First_Sound/recklessyouth ASAP. Whoever that is is making the type of music KANYE should be making 4 real

  • The black robin thicke

    In today’s rap radar news, jay z picked his nose and flicked a booger on streets of Brooklyn. Foh they wonder why raps sales are on the decline!!!

  • real


  • ultrakid

    who the fuck said this is the weakest track on the album? @Miidsize Jerm, you fucking crazy, song is tough, besides a few songs, the album is tough, this is Hov season people, deal with it

  • kaitlyn beaumont

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    Just let him be great niggas. Just let
    Him be great!

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  • Hov is smart as fuk, u gotta respect hustle PERIOD!