Ryan Leslie Black Mozart Documentary


R. Les’ forthcoming album, Black Mozart has suffered a few delays. Before he hands over the final product, he shares the recording process in Vieanna, Austria in this 25 minute short film.


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  • Rozay

    His girl is bad AF

    album should be called No reward for you,

    talented dude, but stick to singing and producing? even though he is like Kanye ,Drake,Stevie Wonder rolled in one.

  • Cemal

    the number real or bullshit?

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  • Cemal

    “my old chick is so hot that diddy wifed her”… HAHAHAHA shots fired…

    but on the real, i lost respect for him. why he tryna rap when he is so much more talented than that, and wearing sunglasses in the studio and clubs…

    if this was a documentary trying to just observe his life taht would be dope. but you can tell that its trying to push his image, and it just feels insincere

  • DopeeeeeNesssss

    Them joints were sounding good

  • Cemal

    @Rozay, she aint his real girl.. she is a model/actress… its kinda sad what ryan did with this

  • Northwest

    Dope. Drake or jay z needs to sign this dude. He’s making the type of music kanye should be http://soundcloud.com/Love_At_First_Sound/recklessyouth

  • Ryan Leslie is like that talented dude that’s forever stuck in “Watch me-i’m cool. I’m even cooler than you if you would just watch me. Watch me, i’d love to prove that i’m cooler than you and all of them. watch me.”

  • CREE8

    @Myke Wane… and the worst is that all watching him, and copy him. Ryan should concentrate on producing tracks for big artist then gets his name recognize by everyone, not just his fans. Then he could rap, sing or act… Look at Pharell, Dre… Jay-Z loves to break the rules, but you ain’t no Hov… Yet!

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    One of the best producers in the game….Have to give this nigga crazy props.

  • goose

    Ryan Leslie is one of the best producers in the game hands down. However I think he think’s he is a bigger star than he actually is .

  • obione


    oh and wearing shades in the dark hasn’t been cool since the lost boyz

    Vampires that is



    A Nerd that always wanted to be cool, but even with all the money. the realness… can see through this.
    If he would be who he really is (a nerd)..he would be a lot farther.

    But women can see through his act….that is why he can;t take off in his solo career.

  • Gilgamesh

    Graduated top honors class at Harvard?…I think he has the right to try and be cooler than all. What other rapper in the genre can say that? lol zero.

  • Cemal


    he refused to pay because the data he wanted wasn’t on the laptop, but the finder took him to court and after 2 years, Ryan had to pay up…

  • 456 headCrAcK


  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    @BIGG ROME Sorry to break it to you…but I believe that he has surpassed “trying to be cool”…4 words….Lambo & Bad Bitch. PS. As a fellow “nerd”…Nerds got swag too. LOL!

  • Space Ghost

    ooooooooh weeeeee. These haters are out in force!!! Who cares if its his real girl or not? Who disses a man for being smart, i.e. a nerd? Who claims that a man is not as big as he thinks he is, when your ass has never been to the countries that THIS black man frequents. If some of you crabs in a barrel could see yourselves from the outside looking in, you would see what we have seen for so long on this site. That you are haters and that you should kill yourselves so that progressive, Godly, intelligent, creative, focused, black people can regain our footing cause I swear you haters work hard to attempt to keep the rest of us down…..BUT YOU CAN’T.

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  • Firiesport

    Dude, stop freakin’ rappin’ already, make beats, your really good @ it. Smh

  • Sinatra Smith

    Crazy thing is….everybody that’s making comments about Ryan Leslie rapping must’ve never heard his last two albums!LOL He does his own production, vocals and rapping in most of the songs that artistically required it. I can only remember Jada, Fab and Pusha T being featured on Ryan Leslie and the Transition albums.*Kanye shrugs*

  • K

    Great producer, but heis such a clown.

  • Magna Cartoon Holy Fail

    blk mozart lol funny when dudes comparing himself as mozart or frank sinatra lmao

  • bigg rome

    Look at all the nerds coming out…
    Man if would stick to his REAL personality he would win.

    Instead he wants to be the cool guy, but he looks stupid..then he wants that man worship to say he is the greatest.

    It obvious you guys are too sensitive to see what I am sayijng.
    There is nothing wrong with being a nerd,… there is something wrong when you are not being yourself

  • Obama

    Juicy J records verses on his damn iPhone sitting in his car and goes platinum.. Young Chop an them other young cats coming up in the game make beats in the basement using synths that came with their software an they’re making platinum hits.. Ryan Leslie’s fruity ass spends A FORTUNE to travel and record with a damn symphony and he ain’t making hits.. Matter of fact if they want anything close to a hit, his label is gonna have to spend another fortune on promo.. Bottom line, success ain’t about where you went to school or how much money is in your budget.. If you still believe that shit you’re living in the past.. This dude just isn’t the real thing…

    • RAY Riganetti

      Go Harvard or Go home….stop hating 1600 SAT at 14 game over

  • No1

    That last song tho… And btw, she can jump on my bed any day. Baddest girl I’ve seen in a video lately.

  • Yaboyboyforiegnluccino

    *that nigga put a Molly in her drink* u c how she rub that nigga arm when they was sitting at the piano!!! Haha stay behind the scenes bruh, that shit might work across the pond, but over here who r u!!!!

  • Yall hatin. He’s wealthy off music and brains. He does music for the love, the fun, and the money. Yall must be broke rappers…or workin regular jobs…this is a fucking MOVIE. a MUSICAL MOVIE. it looked real! wtf…this is HIGH ART. the fuckin melodies were insane. who cares if he chooses to rap. he can do everything, the man cant fuckin make a movie without jealous fucks hatin.

  • Buck!

    @Kray Ryan is that you?

  • He is similar like any other rapper. I wonder what subject he did his Top class honors from Harvard. Can anybody say?