New Music: Eminem “Berzerk”



Turn up the volume and adjust the bass. Eminem is back and goes out of control on the first single of his upcoming The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Album drops on November 5th. Produced by Rick Rubin.

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  • D

    Shady back! this is dope!



  • shady season taking over
    song is dope
    average hip hop listener wont like it cuz its not a banigng lex luger beat

  • the truth




  • Talib


  • Brown Shady


  • Need that iTunes quality rip tho

  • Hol’Up

    dickridin niggas

    its just okay, great thing is he aint shoutin

  • WACK

    This album will be the equivalent of Michael Jordan on the Wizards. He legitimately sounds like a 40 year old white dude yelling on this track. The lyricism is still there but this is most definitely not a good song…

  • RealHollywoodTM

    Why Can I Hear It? Nothing but wait till 11pm

  • RealHollywoodTM

    ^CANT HEAR IT! I meant


  • Black Shady

    Not working mufuckaz

  • good gawwdd

    bring it back to real hip hop!! turn this shit up loud and fuck somebody up!!! i could fuck someone up to this shit!!

  • UnknownUniverse

    It won’t even load…

  • Fuck Meek Mill!!

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  • Berzerk



  • West West Yall

    IS THE

  • buss

    not workingggggggg

  • Not feeling it

  • peter pan

    its not working!!!!!


    It appears VEVO made a mistake because the video says the track will be released at 11PM. Hence why it’s not working now.

  • bernie


  • Chevi

    I can’t hear it. It doesn’t work for me

  • bernie

    it works now, with the new link or new player

  • Daw


  • Evidence

    Why it doesn’t work??

  • J-Don MOB BOSS


  • Kujo

    I didnt go bezerck for this

  • Oz

    *cleans out ears with ice pick. sheds two tears for the memory of marhshal mathers LP eminem,who is long gone and will never be returning. places eminem in box with jay-z lil wayne 50 cent with other rappers who have lost their skills with time instead of getting better like nas and raekwon. arghh man that yodal voice he does yokal hook hill billy voice is like nails on a blackboard


    This is not it… Smh…

  • hands

    This is pretty soft


    crazy. shady is back on that parody tip.

  • UnknownUniverse

    Okay first listen, I’m not really feeling the song but I’m sure after a few more listens I’ll start liking it just like that Survival song.

  • J

    shit is wack as fuck

  • justsomedude

    This sounds like Beastie Boys tier real B-Boy hip-hop as per the beat. I’m digging the beat and chorus (holy shit that chorus is dope). Not so much the lyrics or the flow. He’s trying different styles, and I give him props for creativity (I like how he started with that worn out shouting bullshit flow he’s been stuck on and then switches it up second verse), but I’m just not feeling it. Then again, I HATED We Made You and I ended up loving Relapse. Em’s first singles have always been hit or miss with me. I’m gonna give the LP a chance.

  • josh


  • Detroit niggroe..7 mile resident

    where the fuck is it lol?

  • tha OG

    Shit go hard!!!!!

  • wyattpaden

    this track is sick!!!! Can’t wait for more!!!

  • Shannans_world

    Loves it

  • milli

    decent song jus wish he could have a single wheres he is not yelling.

  • justsomedude

    ^ by the second verse he’s not yelling. he switches up styles all throughout the track


    FUCKING EPIC!!!!!!!


  • The Real Jistic

    People need to understand the song before they judge it. The fuck is that comment about sayin Em is equivalent to MJ on the wizards now? The fuck? Who the fuck are you? Listen to this creativity. How easy would it be for Em to stand there and spit like back in the day? Yeah assholes this man is much more than what he was. This is fucking genius.

  • justsomedude

    Love the scratching on this

  • Xfactor88DEZZZZ

    I just listened to the Marshall mathers LP , hands down one of his best albums , start to finish even the single , the single is wack but its better than we made you lol , the album needs to go in a totally different direction lyrically and and beat selection, if it wants to even come close to comparing to mmlp , I haven’t liked this idea since I saw the commercial last night , this created way to much anticipation and pressure. Should have named it finale with the backwards e , last album and stick to producing . I still will not give hope up on this album , hopefully it’s a totally different tone than this song

  • Sample

    This song wack and y’all di*ck riding. Either this site is comprised of 70% white people or y’all all live in the valley

  • RAF


  • justsomedude

    Okay upon like ten more listens, I decree that this is actually pretty dope.

  • justsomedude

    Like a magician, critics I turn to crickets, got em on the fence whether to picket … whaaat

  • vomit

    straight hip-hop

  • Finally Slim Shady And The Beastie Boys On The Same Track….BTW, Jay-Z Just Move To Cuba, Weezy Shoot Ur Self Again, Drake Go Back To Canada, Ross Go Back To Being A Correctional Officer, Kanye Resurrect Yourself Since You Think Your The Black Jesus, Big Sean Step Your Game Up, All Other Artists, Take Notes.

  • freethetroops


  • Imakeyomamascream

    hip hop

  • yeemjay


    I hate the fact that you bought up race smh, but I agree with you to an extent. If this was anybody else……. lets just say that new fat joe>>>>



  • lmao

    this is ight. I liked Survival, i liked this song for the most part as well. can’t wait for what else he has to show.

  • Mike

    Eminem fans who don’t think this is dope are looking for the exact same sound as MMLP. Not a single rap fan saw this coming at all. The man has a different sound every album and kills everyone of them. MMLP2 wont be better than MMLP, but it’s gonna be dope

  • KillaTesh

    This shit is dope. I like the beat, love the scratches, love the bridge and the chorus is nice too. Lyrics are goofy but nice, and he AINT SCREAMING.

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    that shit was WEEEEAAAAAAK as fuck..

  • Respect

    This song is cool, the whole album cant be like this though and i dont think it will,….GOAT


  • R

    Mishmash MashUp of Trash. This must be one of Ems sick jokes pranking us like this. This is nothing like the MMLP! I hope Rick Rubin doesn’t fuck up his album too much like he did on Kanye and Jays Tracks!

  • Mynameisn’t

    This song is fucking garbage lmao. Everyone here was expecting The Real Slim Shady 2 or some shit but instead we got this steaming pile of dog shit. His delivery is all over the place wtf is up with that dumb shit? Let’s see how corny and stupid the rest of the album will be like.

  • chasee

    What did i just hear?…what the hell happened to eminem??? This song is so bad its not even funny.

  • Ridalen


  • ualreadyknoo

    this is wack no matter how u cut it…nah im good

  • Capricorn Religion

    The thing people have to understand when it comes to a Em song is that, its not just about the song. Its never been JUST about the song once Em reached a certain point in his career (The Marshal Mathers LP Era and so on after that). Besides the fact that Em placed pressure on himself by calling it MMLP2, there are other things that come into play all the time with this man…

    His skin color
    His past albums (SSLP, MMLP, TES)
    His fan base
    His age
    His place among a predominately black art form

    THEN, the track itself gets critique

    His flow on track
    His lyrics
    His subject matter
    His production

    There are always things going against him in a world that is constantly seeking perfection despite not being perfect themselves. Including me. Perfection is an illusion that must hide in plain sight in order for this world to even continue. Not trying to get too Philosophical or make an excuse for this Man, but, there are many other factors when talking about a Em album that it is absurd at this point.


    I know his past albums have raised to classic status but, at the end of the day, it is a song. You either like it or you don’t. The extra shit that gets thrown in with this man music needs to stop. Especially if 2cahins, Lil Wayne, and many others get away with pure BS while Em has to be perfect every time.

    Its a fun track and a single to get the attention of the crowd and sell the album. Its a Trailer, not the movie

  • real

    ok at first i was like no no no
    but listening to it further its clear
    Back to dissing peeps
    enough codeine to knock FUTURE to tomorrow LMFAO!!

  • This is garbage unfortunately it’s Rick Rubin’s fault. Remember when Em would rap to nice simple beats that didn’t constantly make insane amounts of noise? I can barley hear em in this shit. It’s to messy. The beat completely stops in “Kill You” and he kills it. That’s what I want from anything with the title Marshal Mathers LP. I now officially have to differentiate between “The good MMLP” and the shitty one.

  • b real

    This is so garbage! Em is finished

  • snnrecords

    Crazy… I expected to be blown away and I pretty much was. Salute to the man who has inspired me most in this hiphop game for 15 years now.

  • BY two minutes.. I thought 4 minutes had passed. I check the player.. scratched my head by the time the song was finished I already tuned out.. I like the beasty boy flavor and the chorus but the verses are lacking in execution also just overall execution is lacking.

    Thats my honest opinion. Im glad he tried not to yell through out but sometimes when we swtich it up it takes awhile to perfect the new thing were trying out.

  • Donn

    You shouldn’t have to listen to a song 10 times to MAKE yourself like it

    If you didn’t like it the first time you played it and had to play it a bunch of times that’s like what the radio stations do, play songs a million times to make you like it. If it isn’t good it isnt good

    If Eminem was a new artist would u fuck with this, would u play it 10 times to make urself like it?

  • yeemjay

    @Capricorn Religion

    Do you listen to future or weezy? people like what people like, stop acting like em don’t get a pass with EVERYTHING he does and gains success off of it. Rappers like wayne and future gets crucified on a daily. You could name every em song but you couldn’t name a single track off of a sqad up mixtape etc.

  • RizlaBoi

    needs less guitars.

  • justsomedude

    Yo Donn, if this was directed at me, yeah I listen to tracks multiple times to get a feel for and warm up to them, whether old or new. But to varying degrees. Obviously if I played it ten times, I felt it warranted a repeat. Means I liked it that much after a few listens. I didn’t play it ten times THEN decided I liked it.

  • MrHeat

    oh lol @ sample: How life in the hood mutherfucker? How do you even get on the internet? You stole a laptop or a phone? Fuck you and your momma.

    Song is dope! so shut your effin mouth

  • Eternally Sleepy

    Hate it or love it. This will be all over NFL games and maybe NBA. Em’s technical skill is better than ever. I don’t think Em is fucking around on this album…..



  • Musikal

    I am a huge fan of eminem but this song is ass. Still interesting in hearing the album tho. Honestly don’t see how it’s going to compete with MMLP or better then it for that matter.

  • Epic. Legendary. Dope. Classic. Sick .

  • Nah Brah

    Wow this is so bad. It’s all over the place. I really wanted one more great one from Em but yeah put a fork in him.

  • wtfff

    really bad. huge fan too. ouch.

  • This song ain’t good and I’m an Em supporter.The beat is alright on some old school beasties shit, but it’s also sounds like 99 problems , but not as good.The lyrics are aimless.I’m used to Em spitting that fire. would rather him do his usual dissing celebs than this.No hate,shit just don’t sound good to me.
    Loch Ft. @DJDooWop “Spaz Out” (official Music Video):

  • Capricorn Religion


    I actually downloaded some of the series this year. Pretty good stuff

    And no, I don’t mess with future

    I have no problems with those artists. Especially Wayne. What I was saying was that, Em always has to be on point. ALWAYS. And, I understand why but, every time? He can’t take a day off on a track like “Tom Ford” or “No New Friends”?.

    Its a fun track. A single to sell the album. As I said, its a song. You either like it or you don’t. I just wish Em could breathe an switch it up if he wants like others do.

    He was just talking about his life when he came out. He wasn’t preaching perfection

  • jamesrowdy29

    This is a classic old school hiphop sound I love the beat, but as for Em and his Lyrical content he aint talking about shit, and I kinda hear nothing but yelling, and this is coming from a guy who Em was my 1st favorite rapper, then 50 Cent and Now it might as well Be Big Krit cause 50 Cent is gonna end up sounding the same, when they leave music for too long they come back weak not hungry.

    All Jay Z talks about now is rich white people stuff and materialism u know that motherfucker dont support black businesses if he aint getting a piece. I aint counting Em out after 1 bad song though this is his 1st bad song I’m hearing and its usually down hill when that happens just like 50 Cents “I’m On It”

  • Johnny Ryall

    Em using Beastie samples and styles is ill. If you don’t like this then really what’chu what’chu what’chu want!?!

  • Steel

    You shouldn’t have to convince yourself, listen to something multiple times, force feed yourself to like a song. Y’all know this ain’t good. It’s loud, obnoxious and all over the place. This is Marshall Mathers man & he putting this on an album called part 2 of whats considered to be a classic. Fool must have relapsed for real. I bet he’s surrounded by butt kissers like these Stans who can’t even give him real criticism. Shame really.

  • Shows Promise

    It’s ok the lyrics are there but I feel like the beat has way to much going on. I like that he is getting back to older shady style though.



  • caliking

    this isnt fucking hip hop wtf is this shit… get off that rock shit em

  • crysis

    @Shows Promise here is the site i got the lyrics from

    there is so many subliminal lines in there one is waking up in a monte carlo hence Ace hoods Bugatti song go that link there is explanations on the verses in the song to point ya at where he is going with this. all i got to say EM is a genius and MMLP2 will not be a disappointment.

  • em killed that shit lyrically and rick rubin killed that shit bringing back old school beat with scratches and everything dope as fuck.

    for everyone complaining that its rock your dumb as fuck its a hip hop beat with guitar in it, yes that is perfectly hip hop and was not only done very much back then but also very much now a days.

    to everyone saying this will ruin the first album em doesnt care what you thin kand doesnt even care if it lives up to it hence he is saying he is going for broke, he knows the gamble but he is to famous to fail.

    lastly anyone who hasnt been to has no clue about all the subliminals and dope meanings of his lyrics with frequent double entendres

  • shayden2kz

    The song is goin back to classic hip hop and the song is berserk in its entirety with the flow the switchin of veres. its like if em jus went in the booth fuckin around on a normal day in the studi he ju sfuckin around on this song. hope ur all rdy oh and side note all the talk about him screaming these days on his tracks I think he is usfinally enjoyin music again now that he ist high or fucked up on sumthin so he is happy and excited which is as new for him as it is for his fans lol I cant wait for mmlp2 wether its great or just ok its still etter then the shit in “”hip hop” thee days

  • Jaymalls

    i respect the direction he chose for his new single/album but this song is just not good! Minus the scratches and the quality production/mixing, the rest isn’t working!

  • King Game


  • Q


  • Anonymous

    This new Eminem-Bezerk. Love it. Ive heard every song by Eminem. Eminem is and will always be one of the greatest rappers. #GOAT #RESPECT
    Follow me on twitter @davebanner

  • Anonymous

    This new Eminem-Bezerk. Love it. Ive heard every song by Eminem. Eminem is and will always be one of the greatest rappers. #GOAT #RESPECT
    Follow me on twitter @davebanner

  • Anonymous

    This new Eminem-Bezerk. Love it. Ive heard every song by Eminem. Eminem is and will always be one of the greatest rappers. #GOAT #RESPECT
    Follow me on twitter @davebanner

  • Anonymous

    This new Eminem-Bezerk. Love it. Ive heard every song by Eminem. Eminem is and will always be one of the greatest rappers. #GOAT #RESPECT
    Follow me on twitter @davebanner

  • Anonymous

    This new Eminem-Bezerk. Love it. Ive heard every song by Eminem. Eminem is and will always be one of the greatest rappers. #GOAT #RESPECT
    Follow me on twitter @davebanner

  • Anonymous

    This new Eminem-Bezerk. Love it. Ive heard every song by Eminem. Eminem is and will always be one of the greatest rappers. #GOAT #RESPECT
    Follow me on twitter @davebanner

  • Anonymous

    This new Eminem-Bezerk. Love it. Ive heard every song by Eminem. Eminem is and will always be one of the greatest rappers. #GOAT #RESPECT
    Follow me on twitter @davebanner

  • imperial85


  • Kill

    That bridge is excellent… and then the hook is SO incredibly bad. Not gonna be playing this one again. Unfortunately, it’s gonna be overplayed as hell anyway just because it’s Eminem.

  • jakesask

    I really like this a lot. I think it’s fun and there’s plenty of cool stuff happening. Love the Snoop impression in verse 2. And I’m not riding anybody’s anything–I am a hard rock fan so this is a great fusion of things I like. I can see why people with certain tastes would not be impressed, but I genuinely like it.

  • joy road killa

    this just like new slaves folk will say…oh he keeping the culture alive…this is some bullshit lets be honest…em is and will always be top 5…but this shit right here is trash I wish these rappers would leave rick rubin alone everything sounds like a throw away beastie boy trk from the 80’s oh well we can comment all we will be the video then they will force this down our throat!!!

  • Wow

    @caliking…..if you dont think this is hip hop, you’re stupid.

  • brza

    they sampled “the stroke” from billy squier on this one. this is pep rally music

  • Kid

    First verse sounds like Kendrick’s flow, in eminems voice lol listen to it again. He even shouts kendrick out

  • Sheezee

    I hate rock rap can’t wait for a str8 hiphop song until then fuck this shit!!!! Kick Rick Ruben off the couch!!!!!

  • RRCoolJ

    Fucking idiots yo, I swear. One dude said this song is obnoxious and all over the place. What do you think “My Name Is”, “The Real Slim Shady”, “Just Lose It” and almost every other first Eminem single were? This is what he does when he has the blonde hair. Appreciate it or get the hell away. Don’t make stupid comments that show you know nothing about rap prior to 2009.

    Song is fire. Would be even better if I owned some Beats by Dre.



  • Nutsonya Chin




  • tjp

    Em fell off…. and MMLP 2 will tarnish the first one which was amazing.

  • Yo Mama

    sounds like something off Yeezus.Deeply disappointed

  • TruthBeTold

    The thing is …

    Rick rubin has co-produced sooo many mediocre albums as of lately

  • changeclothz

    This ain

  • name_is_here_now

    Go on rap genius people…. too many layers for a listen once and dismiss. great replay value.

  • weedhead

    I love eminem. This is a but wierd sounding to me, but it gonna grow on me. Its got that beastieboys feel. Loooooooooooool at the ugly kardashian line.. lol

    Lyrics are dope

  • Jordan


  • tjp

    Em fell off big time. MMLP 2 will tarnish the legacy of the first one, which was amazing.

    Stan’s are just hilarious, you’re so far up this guy’s a** you can’t even see how bad he fell off.

  • Nickey Black

    Needs a Kendrick verse.

  • Nickey Black

    Yeah this song is wack….let’s keep it real for Godsake. Who can party to this? I know who but I won’t say it. Kendrick is the man. Take it in blood. RR gonna big dis up tho huh?

  • Yo dead serious at first I thought this was wack, but there are so many reference lines here about the Beastie Boys, and new school artists I think it’s dope

  • Nickey Black

    ….gave it another listen to be fair and my assessment is correct. It’s wack!

  • kid

    The song is CALLED Berzerk for a reason. for the ppl complainin thats its all over the place. thats pretty much the exact definition for berzerk. em has always saved the good shyt for last. this is obviosly just a fuck around song. it doesnt represent the whole album. just like “without me” didnt represent the eminem show. there were better songs. such as “cleaning out my closet.” and with this being a fuck around song, as in just for fun, nothin serious. its pretty good. alot of subliminals. he switched up his flow three times in each verse. callin out celebrities, and rappers. just experimenting. bet money that his next song that drops will be more serious. and ill as fuck. just to solidify that hes back.

  • kid

    Also Parts of the hook gives off more of an Eminem show vibe like ”take your shoes off, let your hair down,” and ”grow your beard out, just weird out”
    the rest of it sounds like sounds like it too but it could be for either album, mmlp or tes.
    and that ”bitch!” in the background sounds like he sampled himself lol. cause thats exactly how he used to say it on sslp. the verses, he still sounds like he has been, just without the yelling. but you can defintiely hear that hes not tryna yell. meaning he knows we tired a that shyt, and hes switching it up. plus every single eminem album has sounded different. so there wont be yelling like there was on recovery, all through the album. but since we hear so many similiarties from his old style, being incorporated in his new one, its safe to say, Hes back, back again.

  • Steven

    Just terrible!!!

  • Drew Adley

    Massive Eminem fan, slightly disappointed, still good, prefer survival

  • StarFox64

    this shit is terrible, that 2nd snippet makes u believe its gnna be decent, he doesn’t know how to rap anymore…

  • MAXX

  • Nickey Black

    Peep Loaded Lux disrespecting Smack on his new track

  • groupies

    man this shit was wak

  • Mani

    Damn I really wanted this to be good. I wanted Em to blow people away after all the trash talk but this ain’t it. Kudos for doing something different but I can’t bump this. It’s a little too “berzerk” for my taste. It sounds like 3 different songs crammed together. I’ll wait for the album and pray that he was at least smart enough to ditch the dreadful likes of Alex Da Kid and Skylar Grey. I hope there’s some straight hip hop on there.

  • payattention

    Yo B.Dot, can’t you set it so that the regulars who post on here get their posts at the start of the comments save us having to go through all these hypeboys and shit that appear out of nowhere

  • JReezy

    It’s sort of all over the place with the effects throughout but it’s automatically better than a lot of songs he made in the last three years because he isn’t shouting with every word. If he comes with that more subdued flow for the whole album It’ll most likely be a better album than Recovery at least.

  • doads

    People on these boards are idiots, straight dumbasses. Saying this isn’t hip hop is stupid this is from the golden era of hip hop not rap. It has that old school flavour with crazy verses that are supposed to be out there.

    It’s because their favourite rapper only talk about money and blaspheming, they don’t know how to let loose and have fun anymore.

  • The Brain Trust

    You shouldn

  • Kr

    Wow… how could people this “go hard” r “dope as fuck”……. this wack as helllllllllll. wow Em lost it all. this sounds like some rock shit with a angry man singing loud. this is the first shit stain on this album’s cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Balla

    Not feelin this. Beat is wack

  • ‘Ye Stan

    there’s no shot @ birdman! ctfc

  • Oldschool

    Haters make the world go round! This is old school hip-hop! All you people saying this hating on this song, what single did you just release? Keep hating from a keyboard while this song goes platinum

  • nush

    it saddens met o read some of these comments.hip hop listeners are supposed to be the most open minded people musically.rap heads sticked together when people said that rap is not music.but the young generation of rap fans have become he most closed minded dumb asses ever.some even have the nerve to say this is not hip hop.em is calling out fake new rappers with a 80’s styled beat.and some of these young fans who havent even hit puberty saying this is wack.this is the best single ive head from any rapper ive head recently.the party anthem with the most substance.shame on some of these people

  • BK


  • Da Business

    Gotta sit w/ this. Right now I’m on the fence.

  • AllDay_HipHop

    i love the “this aint hip hop” comments lol Beasties n Rick Rubin? thats classic hip hop! … this is great single IMO, let the album play before u say its trash … 99 problems sounds nothing like anything else on BlackAlbum n thats what im hoping for on the MMLP2

  • Da Business

    Btw, TES was Slim’s best lp.

  • chillthrillz

    this shit wont play in the hood thats for sure,,,,,,,all the elements are there musically,,,,but this shit is for

    white boys straight up,,,fuck the pleasantries!!!!!,,,,,why is he yelling in the hook ,,,,,trying to turn up

    maybe?,,,,,where the fuck is slim shady?

  • chillthrillz

    i copped the first album,,,,he had a lot of character on that project,,,,ill story bars about his life,,,,and the people around him growing up,,,,gave you a great visual ,,,,,even with than stan record,,,,,

    hoooowever,,,,he needs that formula back,,,,we need to hear that

    i never meant to give you mushrooms girl,,,,,brain damage,,,,,shit like that,,,,,funny and edgy,,,,,he’s

    taking this rap shit too seroius,,,,we need that fun feel from em,,,,,he can do him but

    ill listen to the slim shady and marshall mathers 1 album for entertainment,,,,

  • Kid

    all I know is eminem is rich, and the ones hating is makin him richer lol.

    Niggas is stuck in the past. Do like jay z said, If you like his old shyt so much, by his OLD album. Their not supposed to sound exactly the same, for what? He already did that.

    Adding the 2 is just saying that its Gina be the same cadence. Not that he’s gonna redo marshal mathers lp, besides even if he wanted to, it’s his damn album, lol he can do whatever he wants with it. He can make a 3 and a 4 if he wanted too, stop hatin. You don’t have to like every song on an LP.
    This is just one out of about 17 songs on his album anyways, CHILL

  • Mack

    Rick Rubin been garbage for a while now and so has Em. So this is basically a double dose of garbage.

  • Chronic

    To anyone saying this isn’t hip-hip. It’s one of the most purely hip-hop influenced songs to come out in forever. Basically was em tying to make a club/radio song that’s still just straight bars. And he called out the rest of the game calling them stupid if you didnt realize. I agree I don’t really like the 1st or 3rd verse but anyone who didn’t get flashbacks of old em hearing that 2nd verse would be an idiot to not at least hope the rest of the album might be dope.

  • Chronic

    And stop comparing mmlp2 with mmlp…it’s just gonna end in disappointment

  • Sample

    What happen to the em that didn’t yell every line. Versatility has just gone out the window and the fans too buzy driding

  • chillthrillz

    @kid,,,,we all,,, like what we like,,,you have a favorite restaurant,,,if the cook leaves or switches up

    the ingredients,,,,will it taste the same most likely no,, will you still eat there,,if the food didnt taste the

    same,,hmmm!!,,,its about taste,,,,,niggas can rap their ass off,,,but if the ingredients aint right,,,,

    then you go beserk!,,,,,pun intended

  • real

    Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Miley Cyrus, and Eminem own hip hop all of the blacks dumbing their shit down are looking stupid now. Idiots, see what happens when youre programmed into niggas and bitches. YOU LOSE.

  • chillthrillz

    hip-hop means a lot of things to a lot of different people,,and they will come up with there own meaning of hip-hop,,,,,but the reality is if you dont come from the heart,,, if you dont have a good message to send,or message to enlighten,,if you are doing it just for money,,,or to stay relevant

    your just rapping,,,and you are not hip-hop,,,,,once again in american history,,,something produced

    by the darker persuasion,,, is getting ruled and ran by people who dont care,,about the culture

    a culture built off of ,,, peace love unity and having a good time,,is being exploited,,,and the

    message has been diluted,,,because a motherfucker can rap and happens to be white,,does not

    make him the second coming,,,,yeah hes ill for a white boy,,,,,,

  • chillthrillz

    words are the most powerful weapons in the world they start and end wars,,,,,so when you dumb

    down the lyrics to hip-hop,,,,,you get people to become uninformed,,and too lazy to comprehend,,,

    to think to elevate,,a mind is a terrible thing to waste,,,,I blame the lust for money,,,for the dumbing

    down of hip-hop,,,once niggas figured they can dumb out and coon up,,,and then say its freedom

    of speech and im just being me,,,,,,it was a wrap,,,,,cause freedom aint free,,,,and words shape


  • chillthrillz

    thats why everybody think they can rap,,,,,because there is no content no direction,,,,all they see

    is flashing lights,,,,and bitches and money,,,,,thank god for back catalogs,,,,,

  • Kid

    @chillThrillz well then you don’t eat at the restaurant. You may not like it, but there’s plenty of other people who do. No need to shower it in hate. Like you said , everybody has their own taste. Just go eat somewhere else.

    And also it’s not about skin color. If you can rap, than you can rap. Eminem can rap. He didn’t go diamond TWICE for nothing.
    And you certainly can’t go diamond (even just once) on accident. So like I said this is just one of 17 ( or more ) tracks. Every song is different.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    50 Cent’s GRODT is more popular than the bible.

  • John

    King returns…

  • BUX

    nah dis sucks either yol are white rock lovers dis is not the tone nor lyricism on the mmlp i mean song for song single for single nah im sorry mmlp is too dope dis aint gona cut it Em we want sumthin like “the way im” great fucken songs like “remember me” songs that make a niga cry like “marshal mathers” songs like “bitch please II” fuck dis beastie boys shit!

  • D

    Let’s be honest, it’s mad corny.

  • chillthrillz

    @kid unfortunately it is about skin,,,,,,,more white kids with disposable income,,number one.

    and be no means is it hate from me,,like i said ..i copped slim shady,,,and marshall mathers

    and i will rock them when i get the urge,,,,,if you ride around in the summer time where im from

    you will not hear em banging out of cars riding by,,,,personally,,,, i think,,,

    big pun and big daddy kane, rakim, krs 1,,chuck d and a few others are better than em,,,,,for the fact

    that there where messages that where relatable,,,,,,the reason why i like em’s earlier work is

    because he brought a humorous look into his life,,,,and it made him relatable,,,,,a lot of his recent

    work,,not so much,,, success is a double edge sword,,,,and the best music is struggle music trying

    to make it to the top music,,journey music,,,,once you arrive at success it blurrs the edgeness,,,,he’s

    straight for life,,,,,,but that humorous edge that kicked him off is gone,,,,or not available at the time

  • EmmYeah

    Man, I don’t know what ya’ll thinkin but I dont really feel this joint. Maybe he has a plan, why he named it MMLP2…but this one right here? Not even close to the classic man. I feel lil disappointed right now, maybe were my expectations to high…or maybe this track is just normal…and that aint Eminem: normal! Even though Ill buy his album, being a supporter for years now, but this one I aint feeling it. Theres that frighten that he might fell off, we dont want him to fell off….I hope the album is gon be a blast!

  • It’s ok, would be great for something like Recovery 2 or some shit like that, but if you calling it MMLP2 it’s simply unacceptable. It’s not up to par to compare to his best shit, period…

  • MrSkeezyMak

    It’s only one track, and I think after a few spins it will grow on people that dismissed it immediately. It’s def something different, gotta respect that somewhat. Hopefully the rest of the album has more simple bangin beats though and just him spittin raw.

  • N-Slick

    Can’t you guys stop bitching and crying and just enjoy music for what it is. It’s Obv. a fun record reminiscent of old school hip-hop (If you guys had any sense of history you’d appreciate the several references em makes outside the beat )

    1. Since when is Em’s first singles ever reflective on the rest of his albums?

    2. This man could make the dopest verse ever filled with Multi syllable rhyming and you’d still shit on anything you’re not pleased with – “Too much screaming blah blah” But when he comes out with something risky and sounds completely different from anything we’ve ever heard from him before your still unsatisfied.

    – It just pisses me off ignorant ass people like 2 chains who can barley structure a rhyme scheme let alone effectively use something as simple as EXTERNAL rhymes gets praised smh

  • j


  • Bangers N Mash

    That hook tho >>>>

  • BK

    @AWALL Yeah homie he is THE GOAT!Hate and talk that 60 year old shit all you want but,your “new”rappers of today EAT DICK!Not 1 of them can fuck with the “60 year old”So,hate all you want,just watch as the old man takes over…AGAIN!SHADY MOTHERFUCKERS!!!And to the asshole who thinks we all live in the valley..BK ALL DAY!!!Yes,even the hood fucks with EM!!!!!We dont all live to trap and lie!!!!GTFOH!

  • ultrakid

    Holy Grail >> this song

    See the difference with that song and this one is, Jay z blended old old school hip hop with some modern day sound perfectly (plus with Justin on the hook). This is just Em rapping over beastie boys mash-up beats. which easily could have been on some mixtape or something, BUT people will eat it up, because we’re all desperate for new Em music. cant wait to hear the rest of the album though, im sure it’ll be better than Recovery

  • The Original Stubber

    This is some seriously cool and kickass shit from Eminem man… 🙂 Love the bang bang thing with the Chickie-Poo-Hoo… 🙂

  • LikeJordan45

    I like the Beastie Boys vibe and the lyrics are there but sonically this shit sucks dawg.


    Y’all do realize Rick Rubin produced this… That’s his sound. Y’all love 99 Problems and it was on the same tip. Y’all get up in the morning and hate on breakfast. Smh artist evolve and change, y’all want this dude to keep rapping like its 99. Good music is good music and not every track is meant to be a classic. Hits are hard to make, which is my your favorite rapper doesn’t have any. Em tipped his hat to old school and the Beasties with this one, case closed. Wait for the album with a knife and fork, cuz y’all same haters gonna be feasting on crow.


    Oh and those banging on recovery didn’t really listen. Y’all just wanted to be with the hip hop snobs that wanna tells us why Black Thought is the greatest. Y’all Siskel & Ebert fellows need to stick to your 9-5.

  • Shaolin

    wack as fuck

  • SpaceGhost

    Eminem is not the greatest emcee ever. Some of you are so whitewashed that it is ridiculous. This is a wanna be Beastie Boy song. Period.

    Kendrick, Hov, etc…..have nothing to fear. He will sell because he is white in America, not because this is any good.

  • da 5’9

    GOAT. Dope Song


    ok lets put it it this way compare “we made you” to this em is goin in we made you was a weak attempt at another without me this generation jus dont know wat to hear from em i bet if this was over some fuckin trap beat yall would be goin apeshit hes bringin it back and remember this is his single i bet hes gonna have some serious dark dont give a fuck type shit on the album remember dre is back on the boards too

  • eminem going bezerk!

  • haha

    no the em i wanted. smh

  • Wall

    This shit cray.

  • Aiden

    If yelling is the only thing you can complain about then Em is doin just fine

  • CP

    I pray this is his normal “crack a bottle” first single type song cause i’m not feeling it. I feel like Eminem has no one in his corner who would tell him the truth about his music. I’m a big Em fan but this song has zero replay value for me…If it doesn’t get played in my car, its not that good. Im not gonna hate on anyone who likes this song but this is not what I want to hear.

  • Billyyy

    Helll yeahhhh emm issss baaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkk moooottthhhheeeeeeeeerrrrrrrffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrsssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ahh I love how people feel some kinda way when it comes to Em. Everyone is entitled to there opinion but the Facts are the facts.

    When it comes to money and business Jay and Puff are the best.
    When it comes to beats Dre, Tim and Pharrell are the best.
    When it comes to lyrics and overall Skill on the mic Em is the best Period.


    @bbgun i agree people might not feel the vibe of some eminem songs but he gives 100 on the mic hes a rap nerd that shouldnt be fucked with and remember this is jus a typical single we all know em saves the heat for the album

  • zzz

    hate it or love it , eminem 1st single #1 worldwide

  • Wall

    #1 In the US in less than 24 hours. And WW too.

  • Capricorn Religion


  • Chronic

    Jesus Christ…honestly, do people not realize that what eminem is trying to do with this song is exactly what kendrick meant in his control verse. Bring hip-hop back to its roots with straight wordplay and creative concepts. You can hate on this all you want, but the beat bumps and has an old-school feel, and obviously that’s why he was doin the beastie boys flow, bringing everything full circle. They were the first legit white rappers and he’s showing his respect for their impact on the game.

  • shayden

    @therealjistic I totally agree they keep talking about bringing back the old Eminemthe old Marshall he has evolved so far beyond that why would he want to go back and do something he’s already done. his true fans understand and realize how much he has changed over the years and the fact that he is still relevant now is because his music also evolves if he was to put out the same shit as he did on MMLP he would be criticized saying he has nothing new and its just the same old shit

    • Da Business

      Some of u r buggin’ fo’ real if u thought Relaspe and Recovery were str8 wack. I think that we as fans put too much pressure on these cats. Yeah I agree that they’re not on the same level as the 1st 3 lps but they’ve been better than a lot of shit that has come out in that time period. That goes for Encore as well…


  • q

    They ain’t ready for Shady to make his return

  • SeoulAssassin87

    DOPE!!!!!!! Not a huge fan of rock samples but ill let this slide. Still a dope ass track! Welcome back Marshall

  • Kels

    Had to turn it off when he said “bow chicka wow wow”. Sounds like nothing but noise to my ears. I’m not a fan of loud guitars but this is for Eminem fans: white suburban kids. Let’s be real, ain’t nobody in the hood bumping Em.

  • Stop fooling yourselves, this shit is trash. Beat is cool, but this shit is meh…

  • Bangers N Mash

    @Kels shut the fuck up. If you in the hood, you ain’t making the time to get to typing comments on this site.

  • kelsisadumbass

    yeah people in the hood are bumping tyga and meeked milled.. such better rap to have the “hood” listening to.. “Here you go hood.. Here is a proven rapper with millions sold rapping on his pop track to push out to the people of the world.. Oh he still kills it lyrically? Yes that is what he does he is a professional and poetically his rhymes are at their best ever” “Oh what little young black child of the hood? You want Tyga? You want a CD named Hotel California because this sesame street actor couldn’t think of anything original? Ah yes you want it for substance.. That song that Tyga has with 2pac is called Hit em up! wHO wOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT?”

    say the same shit for weak willed and to me the hood might not bump shady but it saddens me what the supposed hood really listens to.(I aint a complete hater of trinidad jame asap waka or any of the other non lyrical swag hype rap style either) but I cannot stand weak willed tyga anyone YMCMB(male or female or all they all women?) basically most rappers who are now prominent on this site and that saddens me even more sad than the state of egomanical fantastical stories of fake rich black mens music which the supposed hood does bump.


    corny b.


    damn. bow chicka wow wow. this shouldve never been recorded b.

  • ECU

    It ain’t anything revolutionary but it ain’t no piece of shit either. Its exactly what its called Berzerk

  • Banana Pudding

    like it – dickrider

    dislike – hater

    fuck all hip hop fans







  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *crackers came out they cave for this* mayne go back to fucking your cats & dogs in the ass white trash!! Haha I hope a nigga impregnate is his little she devel Haley haha.

  • MrHeat

    Haha his daughter prolly doesnt hang with hood rats lolzz








  • West West Yall


  • West West Yall






  • Bangers N Mash

    this shit went straight to the top of the charts

  • LeeOnis

    People who dont like shady … not sure whether you know what hip hop is….rappers in the game don’t even want it with him

  • the truth

    this is real hip hop

  • SMH

    Anyone calling this real hip hop has to be 12 years ago with no sense of history or knowledge outside of a pop star called rapper named Eminem.

  • yea

    Of course Eminem is selling well. He’s a pop star! Btw good sales don’t equal good music as demonstrated by the likes Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus etc.

  • foreal


  • StarFox64

    Mack says:
    Tuesday, August 27 2013 at 9:35 AM EST

    Rick Rubin been garbage for a while now and so has Em. So this is basically a double dose of garbage.



  • South West

    I work in the hood and all kids bump there is Asap Ferg and Asap Rocky. Yea sure…thats real hip hop talking about Shabba and Pesos…SMH

  • it’s better than I thought on 1st listen, but this is not for me.Em had a few bars, but I hate this beat and the rock vibe.It is different though.he could do better IMO, but if it works it is what it is
    Loch Afro American Horror Story Hosted by @DJDooWop

  • People need to open that 3rd eye- Usually it’s closed, then people get exposed.

    EM- Is ill…his lyrics are talent-

    BELEIVE- He is what music needed,had and needs always-

    (note i said music) he stirs the pot for the industry.

  • mz

    Shady is back

  • Mark

    what songs did he use