New Music: Rah Digga “New Hoes”


Here’s something that Miley can listen to. We’ll let Rah Digga tell it.

There’s more outrage over a Kendrick verse than babies in the street TWERKING. Or have folks forgotten what this leads to?? Guess I’m just too school for cool in this regard.

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  • chillthrillz


  • Rozay

    Guess I

  • Rozay

    To cool for school.

  • Rozay

    I meant Big Homie, sorry B.Dot

  • Midsize Jerm

    “Future Michelle Obama’s rather be Blac Chynas”

    Hit the nail on the head with that one.

  • Lincoln’s bullet

    This dude said “she know how to throw that ass.” What ass you saw my dude?! I’m Still Tryna black out that hank hill booty!! Lmao!!!

  • wow


  • Belize

    Juicy J is the craziest realest nigga in the game..get ur hustle on mayne

  • HK

    RD went in. Well said!

  • Muggsy B

    REAL RAP!! Rah Digga gettin’ at these clowns.

  • I don’t think that’s a typo. I think he’s quoting the dude. The term is “too cool for school”, that’s correct. The dude says he’s “to school for cool” because what’s “cool” nowadays is dumb. Hed rather be “school” lol. I might be trippin idk.



  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *old rappers need a new outlet* RR ain’t it that’s why niggas can’t sell more than 20k!!

  • Picasso Micheaux

    Hip Hop is like high school…
    Kendrick stood up in the cafeteria, poppin’ shit,
    making a bid to be voted most popular or most likely to succeed…
    then somebody yelled “FIGHT!!!”
    but ain’t shit gon’ happen…
    It was just some shit to talk about on the bus ride home…
    Rah Digga, on the other hand is a teacher…
    she understands that the next generation of warriors will be born of queens, not hoes…
    …but everybody knows the cool kids dont listen to the teacher…

  • dee

    people believe it or not but rah digga is my cousin i only met her one time this it.she seem really cool thow.