• JustMyOpinion

    Why I feel like there’s a Ryan Leslie/Fabolous album in the works…just a thought.

  • Obama

    Cool Ryan Leslie raps!! But who’s the lucky guy he’s rapping about?!

  • The Wise

    Fab an lesslie to people nobodys give 2 shitts about..fellas hang the mic up ur time came an went..an i dont wanna hear fabolous stans..(thats even if he has any)..cuz weres his album at..were are his singles..this dude couldnt strike gold if his was sittin on top of it

  • ctg

    The biggest mistake Ryan Leslie ever made, besides pissing off Diddy, was deciding to rap.

    Just sing, dude. He’s been lost musically since the “You’re Not My Girl” single.

    At least write and produce for other artists.

    Anything but rapping.

  • Check

    Fab has 2 gold albums and 2 platinum albums… not to mention his multiple singles that have done the same.

  • Texas Boy

    Pure Underrated artist. His music is better than most of the trash out here, it worth buying.

  • Magna Cart-Ugh Holy Fail

    picasso now mozart lmao whats next vangoh? lol nicca is trash

  • dll32

    album is niiiiiice! 8/10

  • Poetic Assasin

    Who is Vangogh?

  • Poetic Assasin

    Damn wont let me edit. Van Gogh man, not vangoh

  • ^

    It probably wouldn’t be smart for a musician to compare himself to a guy most notorious for cutting off an ear anyway…

  • truth

    Why the auto tune? Wheres the r&b? He’s not even singing… where the mint codition? Tony toni tone? Johhny Gill? None of these nee niggas have singing voices at all… they just try to swag away the lack of talent…

  • truth


  • shyt dope

  • not a fan

    @The Wise hatin dickhead what you on here 4???? Matter fact anyone thats hatin why click???

  • NovaKaine

    Fab is a waste of talent so dope but stupid lazy he stay having under cover hits tho

  • mrholloway

    Man the haters are out full time…

  • tre

    please stop rapping and go back to singing ryan