New Music: Logic x King Chip “Two Kings”


Logic and King Chip share the throne on this collaboration produced by C-Sick. Sounds like there’s enough room for everyone to rule.

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  • Jake

    This dude Logic is fucking dope!

  • Shit You Need to Know

    Word both of them did they thing and the best is on point

  • Shit You Need to Know


  • juju


  • Mojo

    Pure Fire.

  • Mar-tian


  • Lol I thought this was Kendrick.. niggas stealin flows left & right!

  • koa29


    the fuck u talkin bout? Logic been rapping like this for awhile.

    Dude can spit. Leave the color shit out of the conversation…..Logics gunna win

  • koa29

    also… King Chip crazy as hell on every verse. Dunno why dude hasn’t blown up yet. Hopefully Cudi’s new found focus on him helps


    but bitches don’t care about the flow, they care about the beat….

  • juju

    @koa29 NO ONE brought up his color bro? I like Logic’s music, but some of his stans gotta chill with jumping to the color thing when someone doesn’t feel his shit.

  • DMVinyourchick

    Rofl at logics need to always state he’s half black in songs, Trina establish his N word pass, the nigga dope AF regardless

  • Chronic

    It’s like a harder version of drake

  • logical

    ^ or a bootleg version of drake with a bootleg kendrick hook stealin drake’s adlibs and shit

    gtfoh with the bullshit niggas accept from “artists” these days