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With The Marshall Mathers LP 2 arriving next Tuesday, Eminem sports the cover of Billboard. This weeekend, he returns to Saturday Night Live and on release day will be on Shade 45 with Sway. Tune in.

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  • Hoax


    • MrHeat

      Ahaha narrow minded lil fellah

    • Drop Off

      “I’m bout to clean house, yo
      I’m Lysol, now I’m just household
      Outsold the sell outs, freak the hell out”
      – MMLP2

  • Goten

    Sad to say it but no one honestly cares about Marshall. Miss us with the pop shit.

    • Word

      Always, always speak for yourself. The sales will speak to his relevance.

  • Word

    About the album, to be honest it’s ehhh. I mean there’s some great songs like Bad Guy, Legacy, and brainless is solid, but man I just don’t get the same feeling from Em. I think calling it MMLP2 is what’s throwing me off. I keep thinking about part 1. Its solid for what it is, but as a sequel its disappointing. I’d say its better than Recovery to an extent, yet falls short to Relapse which I’ve actually come to appreciate more.

  • creo

    Yall havent posted the asshole,rap god & kendrick track. I heard all them wanted to see What ppl think of them.

    • Michael Ibbett

      lol the whole album leaked. And they don’t put leaked shit on here if the artist doesn’t want it out yet, especially a silent owner of the sites artist. And they did post rapgod cuz he released that himself

  • Chronic

    He’s gonna sell so fuckin much with this album it’s gonna be ridiculous….sucks it sounds like it might be a Recovery 2 with hints of what he could still be doing on tracks like rap god.

    • Drop Off

      What else could he still be doing?

  • mike

    i thought the album was better than relapse and recovery combine! I really like headlights, rhyme or reason

  • Chronic

    coming from a true stan the album is definitely sick. not the old Eminem by any means…but he did his shit on it and it definitely wasn’t recovery. still wish there were some harder beats though

  • Hip Pop Is Alive!

    If Marshall Mathers was black would the STANS care as much?

    • RapStan

      yes, look at the Kanye stans

      • Hip Pop Is Alive!

        Yea ok. “We don’t believe you, you need more people.”

  • LesterDaMolester

    LOL haters everywhere… he honestly went hard as fuck in this album it sounds like he got that rawness back but in a new way if you expecting to hear MMLP1 then no u wont enjoy this but in my opinion this is his best since Eminem show the deluxe tracks are nice too

    • Goten

      my nigga, take rap god as an example. while it was a beastly lyrical display, it honestly feels like he wrote that song at least 5 years ago with the dated references and all.

    • dadankness

      I dunno man. Ever since eminem lost proof he doesnt gel with beats anymore.. He hardly rides the flow like he used to. I think its because he lost proofs influence(which was apparently the part of eminem I deeply liked) The songs from the album relapse are the last incarnation of the slim shady(not just the persona but the ability to ride a beat i.e. the song “bully” from a few years back) because I feel that proof still had input on soem of those songs.

      I think eminem released relapse waay wayy too late and felt bad about doing it since proof couldnt see the greatness that the album was. Marhshall mathers lp2 still has brilliant lyrics but the delivery leaves a bunch on the table.

      This new style which to me sounds like a smarter faster hard hitting punch line version of lil wayne is very annoying and off putting. I haven’t seen an artist alienate his core base group of fans who made him big and respected him for the styles he use to present. This new shit is just shit imo.

      I will always love eminem but I love eminem that had proof in the studio with him. Proofs influence had a much bigger impact on the version of eminem that I liked and I feel a lot of people who love rap and who dont wear skinny jeans and aren’t under the age of 22 ish feel the same way.

      No 50? No Dre? No d12? that is more telling to me. I think that they will all say the right things in interviews because eminem made them a lot of money over the years but the reason they aren’t on the album because the new shouty version of eminem isn’t what they like. Its almost emo rap and is off putting as fuck. My two cents. Thats all

      • LesterDaMolester

        you do realize relapse was made after proofs death right? and yo have u actually listened to the new album yet? cant ride the beat? if u ask me it sounds like he rides the fuck out of the beat he can take a whack beat and make u interested because his flow is insane and he hasnt sounded this raw in a good while so i dont get how u can even say hes like lil wayne wtf lool have u heard wayne these days ? waynes terrible now wayne “the bitch gave birth on the stairs call that a step child” <<< thats typical wayne lyricism and he doesnt need them on the album thats y he done a song with 50 my life and as for d12 we know its never same without proof and d12 recently have beein havin disagreements thats probably why they all aint comin together for tracks..who knows whats goin on behind the scenes

  • Jerome

    Replace Survival, Asshole, and The Monster with the bonus tracks and you have a great album.

    Beautiful Pain>>>

    Too bad Activision forced Them to put Survival on the album.

    • LesterDaMolester

      lol activisions didnt force them to put it on his album em chooses what he wants on their not some game company i think he went the fuck in with asshole when i read skylar grey i was expectin another i need a doctor type song

      • Jerome

        I liked the verses on the song but the hook is atrocious. I think Em may have gotten confused with Asher Roth’s “I Am” song. I didn’t think it was a diss.

        Trust me about what I said about Survival

        • Ruthless

          If you actually listen closely you will notice that Survival is an Em track and was not made for the game, it was only used for the game after it was pitched to them and that is why its on the album and it fits in nicely.

        • Drop Off

          I don’t think he was referencing the Asher Roth song as much as he was the interviews Asher Roth gave.

    • Myke Wayne

      I love survival. Be honest, you guys just wanna be the first to say bad about the album. It leaked recently and you guys havent even had it a week and you’re saying its bad?
      Get the Fuck up about of here. Matter of fact, I’m out.
      I hate this new shock generation. The sense of entitlement generation. The never satisfied with shit generation.

  • bumpy johnson

    honestly I think the guy went the fuck in …………

  • Dan Karlin

    I have yet to determine how I feel about the album as a whole, but my jaw was to the floor by the end of “Bad Guy”. That track was fucking outstanding, and used a concept/idea that could have been awful really easily. “Love Game” with Kendrick isn’t what I expected, but they both delivered, and Kendrick managed to keep up with Em throughout the song. “The Monster” sounds forced (especially when listened to with the rest of the album) and screamed “THIS THE SONG THAT GOES ON THE RADIO!!” Overall, it’s enjoyable; not the classic that MMLP1 is, but I don’t think anyone honestly expected it to be.

  • Marlow †

    I ain’t tryna spam y’all I just want some feedback you know I directed and edited it myself too thanks in advance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rb3u-hauclY&feature=youtu.be #LongLive Video

  • I was actually impressed by what I heard on the album, he delivered on some songs exceptionally well… However I do feel that this DOES NOT deserve the title of ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2′ whatsoever… Maybe he shoulda called it The Shady Resurrection LP or something???

    I also feel the following songs woulda made a greater album over the course of his last 4 albums.

    1. Dr. West
    2. 3am
    3. Bad Guy
    4. Berzerk
    5. So Much Better
    6. Elevator
    7. My Darling
    8. W.T.P.
    9. Baby
    10. Bagpipes From Baghdad
    11. Seduction
    12. Almost Famous
    13. Mr. Mathers (Skit)
    14. Deja Vu
    15. 25 to Life
    16. Brainless
    17. Crack A Bottle (feat. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent)
    18. Beautiful
    19. Fast Lane (feat. Royce Da’ 5’9)
    20. The Reunion (feat. Royce Da’ 5’9)
    21. Careful What You Wish For
    22. Evil Twin

    Those collection of songs on a official album would’ve had completely ZERO complaints from me!

  • me

    Always thought of em as a genius for how amazing his flow and how he was and is an MC. I only listen to lyrical guys like rakim, kool g rap, big L, pun, em has always been one of thr greats. This album something is missing.

  • me

    Rap god was dope, bad guy was boring until it changed up at the end. Brainless and evil twin he showed he still has it. I liked the concept of head lights

    • Nickoleto

      I think you missed the concept of “Bad Guy”. lol

  • West West Yall

    Im a hip hop HEAD. Loved Em since SSLP in 99. This is not old Em. But NO ONE that knows Em was expecting that Em. But I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!!!! My favorite since The Eminem Show! EVERYONE needs to support EMINEM and music by BUYING THIS ALBUM on Tuesday!!!!

  • Clarence Clementine

    MMLP2 will be the first album in rap history to win Album of the Year at the Grammy’s as it is a classic in every sense. It cannot and should not be narrowed into a “hip hop” album- that’s an insult to Em’s talent. What your auditory cortex is processing is the absolute limits of the english language synthesized with various elements from multiple musical genres. Many of you shrimp-fried face ass dumbfucks will simply fall intellectually short to comprehend the multifaceted metaphors, puns, alliterations, allusions, entandras and similes since your brain’s cognitive development has been stunned by airwaves of chief keef’s “music” quote quote; the same folks that can’t follow Inception will be the ones screamin this sucks- that response is perfectly acceptable from degenerates and imbeciles alike.

    • Myke Wayne

      Damn. Iight. Get ’em!!

    • GreenBergs

      dog all that shit u mentioned, don’t matter unless the MUSIC sounds good, people like you think lyricism is all that matters, none and i repeat none of these tracks have replay value and you wouldn’t be able to tell me otherwise with a straight face, face to face..remember this shit that is called hip hop is still music, no one likes/should be required to be on rap genius to understand a track playa..

      • Clarence Clementine

        but it does my friend. Because what doesn’t sound good to you, sounds good to the masses. Music is SUBJECTIVE, U know what that means?? So yes MMLP2 sounds PHENOMENAL to me, the music critics (look up wikipedia for MMLP2 under “Critical Reception”) and to the tens of millions of people worldwide who will enjoy the fuck outta the album. I don’t care if people enjoy the album, but i do care for people to suspend personal musical biases and bask in the craft of rhyming words to its absolute limit. So who is wrong and who is right?? NOBODY. Saying this is a great album is like saying orange is a great color. Some will agree, some will disagree. The only way to measure subjective opinion is in numbers. simple as that. It just so happens that we live in a cultural time period that the majority of the population agrees with me.

    • culture

      Outkast already did that with album of the year

      • Clarence Clementine


  • Neal

    2 words NIPSEY HUSSLE

  • brza

    thought this was a solid album. less scream rapping made it more enjoyable and him reaching out to his mother was a nice touch 4/5

  • KDizzle

    You wont get the same amount of raunchyness from eminem or Dre’s beats anymore because they dont drop X together anymore then wake up and see what tracks they made…Thats why the music was so unbelievable 10 years ago or what ever with them 2 and also why Dre wont put out detox cause they arent quite in that mind state anymore but they are still better than anything else out there by a long shot

  • Matheus

    He DID IT. MMLP2 is another classic. After Encore, Relapse and Recovery I thought he was done, but thank God I was wrong. Congratulations Marshall! Gonna buy it 5th of november!

  • LesterDaMolester

    by the way incase for the people who didnt catch on bad guy is basically a sequel to stan.. its about natthew stans bro gettin revenge on em

    • GreenBergs

      captain obvious…

  • Drowz

    i just wanna know why the 2nd E aint backwards?

  • www.eminem.pro

    It’s Magazine Marshall – > http://ej/gs

  • Yung

    Eminem… In the early 2000’s until encore eminem was my favorite rapper. Listening to his new body of work I noticed em’s delivery, metaphores, subject material and over all thoughts being being expressed to be less interesting and impressive. I think that the shady team as well as Interscope need to come to the realization that it is a sound battle. Eminem need to take the time out to re invent himself as far as his vocals( the way he’s saying what he’s saying) and what artist can adapt to the subject material eminem raps about to make better features Selection of beats thats brings the best out of him. Eminem is the fuck the world I just dont give a Fuck rapper not the soft let me explain what Im thinking and going through person he is now. On the tracks that he does make a attempt to return to the old slim shady its watered down eminem again. His mouth is way to filtered and the flow is off. If anyone didnt notice T.I., Lil Wayne, Game, and everyone else who has been in the game keep younger people to lend their opinions in the studio to prevent themselves from sounding like grandpa’s when they rap. I think eminem need to pull kendrick a little closer and in doing that find the eminem that everyone has been missing. If I had to say what I liked least about this album would be the flow. Somebody like School boy Q would of been a perfect feature because he’s different that would of complimented em’s style.

  • anonymous

    Only enjoyed Bad Guy and Evil Twin. Thought Recovery was much better. #hateonmyopinion

  • lucky sleven

    Eminem is done. he can spit but don’t fit in well with new school. sounds out dated

  • tweaky

  • Boom Bap Click Clap

    Judge the album along with the bonus tracks and you have one of the best overall albums in the last 5-10 years; Eminem has reached the apex of technical rapping and delivery.