New Music: Fredo Santana x Kendrick Lamar “Jealous”


There’s Some Jealous Guys In Our Town.

U Mad? With Kendrick Lamar’s helping hand, Fredro Santana sends a message to the jealous ones on this Savage Squad and TDE collabo.

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  • Chris M

    Shit is fuckin hot.

  • Jay Clutch-ler


  • Son

    Minus Fredo this is pretty coool

    • drumingking2176

      fuck u bitch nigga fredo poppin right now hoe ass nigga

      • Son

        Buy a 24 pack of dicks, eat half & then take a nap duke

        • Devin Ancrum

          Shitt’d on him though…

    • GDFOLKS74

      hating ass dike

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    wow Fredro Santana’s first post on RR i wonder why

    • wow

      whos Fredro Santana? lol

      • Paris

        fool i swear!!! ^^^^^

  • Robert Tomas

    fredo gone be next up

  • Brandon Edley

    His next mixtape should be Frodo Santana with a lord of the rings album cover

  • Da Business

    No hate, but this ain’t for me.

  • 1 Mic

    no dl link

  • Hussle

    this the type of artist yall like????????? fredo really? #nohate

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      There is nothing wrong with Fredo he is a Trap Artist, he appeals to those who like the Trap Genre. If you do not like the genre listen to some backpack shit. #NoHate

  • carl grimes

    gbe dont deserve a kendrick verse

  • Kevin Banks

    wow the guy that raps afer Kendrick is terrible! What a basic flow

  • Levvi

    Kendrick possessed the track. Fredo just got free exposure.

  • majormar

    Shit was hot.

  • Hot Lover Tone

    So Fredo Santana gets on RapRadar with a Kendrick Lamar feature, but Snake Hollywood’s song “Choke” featuring Ab-Soul (with the Kendrick Lamar diss in the last verse) dont? I better never hear this site talk shit about Ebro ever again.

  • KayandGee

    that beat hard.

  • RogerTHAT

    WHOA…. SO THIS IS HIS WEAK AZZ RESPONSE TO “LIV THE INVASION” FOR DISSING HIM>??????….. He shoulda came harder than she did -she really got to him I see …LMAO…. now hes calling out HER CITY (CHICAGO)


      He s calling out Models too lol…. even called her a small fry lmao – i love it – she finally is getting the attention shes thirsty for….

  • Ashton Au

    The drop, Chorus and K-dot verse are all you need to hear.

  • sam

    this nigga kdot stay copying andre3stack hooks and flow

  • DaJuan

    Kendrick is doper than Drizzy.

  • RealDealĀ©Hill

    We neeed a visual for this.!!!!!!!

  • Streets Buchanon

    *yawns* Not a fan of trap rap niggas stick to selling dope . Pusha T is one of the few rappers that can make poetic drug dealer music these dudes sound like they abuse drugs not sell it . Kendrick was Kendrick . #hate