Action Bronson: Blue Chips 2


The original Blue Chips was universally celebrated. Released in 2012, it was pretty much the first project that established that Action Bronson was more than a Ghostface Killah knock off. He and underrated producer Party Supplies showcased their true chemistry which is further evidenced by this strong sequel released a year later.

“Just a white man excelling in a black man sport,” Action Bronson asserts on Blue Chips 2‘s finest selection. “Contemporary Man” best epitomizes this project’s appeal. Here Bronson is jackin’ over 80s pop classics from Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, John Cougar Mellencamp and Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam. This is a prime example of producer Party’s masterful work behind the boards which continuously compliments the Queens MC.

Setting the project’s consistent fun tone is “Pepe Lopez,” where Action raps over The Champs’ “Tequilla” and equally engaging is “Amadu Diablo” where he flows over Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me A Reason”. Guests also can’t resist joining the party as Mac Miller closes out “Twin Peugots” and TDE’s Ab Soul gets his Pharcyde on on “Through The Eyes Of A G”. Still it’s best when Bronson provides a lane for his man Big Body Bes talk that big boy talk.

On “9.24.13″, Action keeps the recorded mistakes in and spews lyrical fantasies about fixing Knicks games before his homie lets you know how life has changed. “The muthafuckin’ crib is renovated, man/All types of fly shit/I got the new fuckin’ marble floor, man/That shit is imported/We just flew that shit in from Connecticut.” Man, these guys need their own reality show.

Let’s hope when it’s time for Action’s major label debut, he’s able to maintain the humor and comfort zone found on projects like this. This is Bam Bam at his best. And he’s only getting better.—YN

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  • mike h

    welp since nobody gonna say it, i will. top 3 mixtape of ’13. next to the pimpire strikes back i can’t stop jamming brosolino.

  • Mr. John Paul King

    Action cool def one of my favorites this year