Ryan Leslie Black Mozart Movie

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Motion Picture Shit.

Shot out in Morocco, Germany and the UAE, R. Les gives us a behind the scenes look during the creating process of his rap album, Black Mozart. Directed by himself.


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  • elmezie

    I like Ryan Leslie he’s a real talented guy, dude seems to think he is a bigger star than he actually is though. But maybe that’s necessary to become a star

    • neh

      Actually he’s a huge star over seas in europe esp in austria, germany, etc. It’s in the usa he’s not respected. he’s an amazing musician, but usa consumers perfer autotune n studio tricks

      • J

        Thats not true bruh. I’m from Germany and most people here don’t even know this dude exists.

  • Neal
  • DontLinkME

    Brian Gregory.

  • The Weirdo

    if only people give this dude props for his achievements in the business aspect of music. He is not as visible as most artist but he makes as much as they do.