New Music: Papoose x Nathaniel “Hip Hop”

hip hop

Love For The Game

Keeping Hip Hop close to his heart, Papoose takes a  trip back down memory lane on his brand new track.


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  • Chronic

    If he’d started off with a track like this maybe pap may’ve been able to make something of it…but kendrick already put this dude in a casket

    • Spitticus

      you make no sense.

      • Chronic

        I’m saying if pap hadn’t been a dumbass and taken all the personal shots at kendrick, and had just come out with a good hip-hop song like this when kendrick dropped control maybe kendrick wouldn’t have called him out in the bet cypher and then possibly most people would be listening to his new songs thinking “this is dope”, instead of “kendrick is better” like I’m sure a lot of people, myself included, see it.

  • Toni Strandman

    This was nice, better than most Papoose tracks I’ve heard lately. I’m a fan of pap but he’s been weak lately..