• dope

    fire papoose

  • Tru Indeed

    YO PAP IS FUCKIN NICE . Say what you want about Papoose but Pap is FUCKIN nice… not too many out there can spit with this Man… Im mad at him too for playing himself sometimes with releasing filler material or not being able to translate in certain contexts…he must have had the wrong guidance in his team…but this man really if he had played his cards right would be up there wayyy up there….dude jus released too much material…everybody got filler on their hard drive he jus released too much of it tho..Im rooting for this man to eat because he goes in and has been going in for a decade and if you check his catalog which is deep…you will find plenty classic level shit…how many of these cats shitting on Pap herd that flashbacks? or Prophecy or his collab with Nas? All classics. …these cats out here tryna play PAP like hes trash are just letting us know they dont know their history…15 mins of fame off that kendrick resonse my ass he been in the game for years workin….He missed his moment but I salute the skills ..say what you want about Pap but these cats out here dont rap like this …salute real shit.

  • el jim chapo guzman


  • Contac Vecci

    Thuga!!! If u been rockin wit Pap a while, u was able to spit some of it wit him.. Still what the game missin doe