Kanye West Brings Out Drake In Toronto


Last Name God, First Name Rap.

After praising him the previous night, Kanye brought out the God himself as the tour’s first guest performer and recited “Forever” and “All Me” at tonight’s Yeezus tour’s grand finale.

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  • veesky

    Dang, they been jockin’ each other hard lately. But I guess it’s better than rappers beefin over nonsense

    • Sean Power

      no a lyrical beef is better

  • Illamerica

    This is ridiculous. Kanye has a stable full of artist and continues to show love to Aubrey.there were 4 good music releases this year and not a word of promo or support for any besides pusha. And on top of that he brings out the enemy of his own artist and totes this nigga as a rap god. As true as it is, you never go against the family. A bold slap in the face to his whole label. Pusha should skate like the rest of the talent I.e. cudi and hit boy. Pusha was out here gunning for the team and big sean and Yeezus just ride wit the other side. Good music not a real squad at all no loyalty whatsoever

    • free

      shut the fuck up, what is wrong with him paying respect to him in his city, and it was the last show, so it was only right, the fuck do u mean by “the enemy”. take your bitter ass somewhere else

      • That Square-Head Nigga Batman

        well said

      • Illamerica

        It’s like if Hov praised the lox after state property’s hot 97 freestyle diss. Kind makes no sense if that’s your label. pusha said joints like “dreams money can buy freestyle” and exodus were returning shots. he the beans of good

        • Strong Enough

          jesus you act like its so fuckin serious. get over it

    • RaysMissingWhiteSuit

      Pusha’s beef with Wayne is solely his own. That shit started wayyyy before that nigga signed to g.o.o.d.

  • Ronnie P

    Dope show

  • Boo Rab

    He also did his and Big Seans verse off of All Me

    • Kevin Banks

      haha i figured that’s what he was trying to say by doing Big Sean’s verse

  • Sean Power

    drake did all this to stunt on Kendrick cause was the opener

    • DL

      Kendrick was part of the whole tour which means he probably made another mill ticket. Snoop dogg is from the West and Hip-Hop started in the East yet Dogg is richer than every New York rapper in the history of rap except for maybe 2(Diddy and Jay-Z). The point is even though Drake has more money doesn’t mean he’s better. Even though I love dogg he may not be the most lyrical but he is definitely the greatest beat rider of all-time!

      • Sean Power

        who said drake was better ? i just said did to try pull power move on kdot night one of tour he took over the after party

        night 2 he comes out with kanye, and bet his re recording that trophy song YN been crying about to take shot

        his not better but his did that to stunt on k dot

        k dot should drop control verse in Toronto with him in the house

  • Sean Power

    its crazy how kanye won’t bring any good music artist out are even let open for him but will bring drake and call him a rap good, even thought drake has taken shot and his artise pusher T

    • Illamerica

      This is exactly what I meant. It’s like if Hov praised the lox after state property’s hot 97 freestyle diss. Kind makes no sense if that’s your label.Hope some cold music drops from this tho

  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

  • bigfame
  • bigfame
  • WhatYouNeed

  • Free Agentz

    A Great Moment!!!

  • Kevin Banks

    Autotune is really fucking up the game, Drake can’t sing any of those melodic hooks on forever or all me, or any of his other songs and he can’t do those melodic flows he does, which is what his crowds love, so every time it comes to a part where he’s supposed to sing he gives it up to the crowd.

  • yup

    Kanye must off got plenty of blowjobs for that one. The softboy Drake taking it deep. DP god.


  • dom

    Saw this live and loved it! Drake- our hometown hero! He’s making everyone in Toronto feel like they’ve got what it takes to be the best! Toronto did not feel that way before.. 416.