• Chainsaw555

    Scott Storch WOOOOOOOOO

  • 2chainzcyrus

    Did Scott Storch stop snorking coke?

  • MrDope

    To bad Scott’s has started to make EDM music, it sounds really really bad.
    From all the shit I’ve heard, it sounds like 2004 House music, he’s not up to date with that genre and I don’t think he’ll ever be, but let’s hope I’m wrong.
    He’s getting in to that market because of the money, no question about it..

  • domo

    smh he must be really desperate

  • Extra Domus

    you know you’re doing bad if you have to sign to we the best…storch was on a different level now starting back up from scratch…SMH

    • LuckyP757

      how is signing with them equate to “doing bad”. regardless of how you feel about khaled he keeps some shit on the charts. if starch can remain focused and keep his nose clean, literally, i think he’ll be fine

      • Extra Domus

        Think about it – he was a chart topping producer working exclusively with platinum plus artists now having to report to khaled (check the numbers on his last album) and make beats for his signees…we all know he’ll do fine but he’ll never peak again in this position

        • LuckyP757

          i doubt he’s signed to some deal where he makes beats exclusively for WTB. Although ace hood & khaled singles do relatively well. khaled would make a lot more money getting storch back on his shit and having him back where he was a few years back rather than just working with vado, ace, himself etc.

  • Best of luck to Storch, man.

  • Hussle

    this the same nigga who used to work with Dre. damn…

  • Alex

    Storch used to be ahead of the curve in every aspect- his music style, the way he dressed (whether you liked it or not, he started the vintage frame movement), etc. Storch now seems to be hopping on the bandwagon, EDM, the way he’s dressing, etc. His aura seems outdated. Storch is genius in that he has talent and creativity, two things a lot of people don’t have. He needs to pull his act together and start being creative again and seeing what the newest music trend will be- not what is currently is going on…

  • Dope

    Damn.. DMX and Scott are the prime examples why you should never do drugs.

  • jase

    the guy made a reference to a nickel bag, smh. A known druggie making casual talk about something he should be ashamed of. He’s so out of touch mentally and musically as well. He’s no different than guys like Devante Swing at this point. Not to mention all the bridges he’s burned.