Daft Punk, Pharrell & Stevie Wonder “Get Lucky” At Grammys

daft pharrell stevie

Hats Off.

As Pharrell’s hat continues to get slandered, the Staples Center was on their feet as he, Daft Punk this year’s Grammy “Record Of The Year” with special performer, Stevie Wonder. Earlier in the evening, P and the group also took home “Best Pop Duo Performance”.

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  • Best Performance

  • Jeremy Conley

    Omg they tore the house down

  • HeyBuddy

    Didn’t watch the Grammys but it seemed like that one brought the house down. Damn ringo star was even getting down. #lucky

  • Peekay

    Another Star was the highlight. Maybe my favourite Stevie song ever.

  • The Almighty

    damn, that shit was jammin’

  • albertpoolhouse

    So no love for the legendary Nile Rodgers?

    • Rob Get-It

      Word.. nigga jus chopped liver

      • Oppo

        what do u sound like . fool

  • Viva La Raza

    this right HERE is why we as humans love music

  • Strong Enough

    Stevie wonder wasn’t playing shit!

    • Hypocrates Noah

      He couldn’t see shit either!

  • Dope. I like to see cats pay homage to the people who did it before they got on.