Cipha Sounds On ‘The Combat Jack Show’

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Don’t Get Gassed!Combat Jack turned the tables on Cipha Sounds and featured him this week on The Combat Jack Show. Read a synopsis of their conversation below.

This week, Cipha Sounds from Hot 97 and Juan Epstein dropped by and shared his history from being Lil Kim’s DJ to opening up for Funk Master Flex at the Tunnel. He also talks how he broke Rihanna, the change in NY rap radio, why he wishes he stayed on satellite radio and how’s he’s doing big things in Hollywood via his Take It Personal improv movement. Eff their podcast? Not this episode.

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  • Pax

    WTF is this ninja Dallas Penn talking about… Making finger guns, Listening to Chief keef etc. How listening to Keef and making finger guns gives the right for someone to shoot at you… Maaan! Keep talking about sneakers and polo wear, what kind of knowledge you have about social psychology and racial issues. Making jokes about these teens that got killed Dallas you a fool for talking shit about such tragedy! And Yeah you will never solve anything with that frame of mind. It sucks to see so much ignorance coming from people that has the privilege to have a voice in the Hip Hop community.

  • titus tucker

    I feel like Dallas Penn probably meant well, but his comments on the Michael Dunn case didn’t come across correct..

    • Marley71

      But those controversial points are going to make people go “What did he say, I’ve got to listen to find our what he said.” People are trolls because trolls get attention.

  • titus tucker

    Combat Jack spit knowledge, Cypha spit knowledge, Dallas Penn just trolled..