New Music: Bas “Charles de Gaulle To JFK”


Jetsetter.These days, Bas is splitting his time between Paris and New York. But no matter the timezone, he serves his Fiends with another tune off Last Winter. Project drops April 29th.

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  • tha OG

    This shit smooth!!! Who produced this beat???? Bas is nice on this beat

  • aboynamedandy


  • EvenOdd

    Love Cole but not really sure what he saw is this dude. He can flow, but everything I have heard is lacking omething and sounds similar. Not a lot of charisma. Once his album drops, I will most def buy a copy to support dreamville…Hopefully the album will have some range to it and won’t all sound the same.

    • slik101

      have you heard his mixtape? if not, give it a chance and then re evaluate your opinion

    • The Rock says

      His brother is Cole’s best friend

  • maine

    Last Winter. Dreamville. Lehgo

  • The Incredible Creation