• Michael Savage


  • cj

    mmmmmmmmmm good

  • B

    I knew I came to RR for something… niceeee

  • sdfsdfsdfsdfsdf

    she said that was a friend of her not her

    • Hussle

      she was joking around with that smiley at the end

  • Hussle

    Would love to smash. Just keepin it 100 Nicki!

    • Uncle Tom

      That should be obvious to every nigga that’s not suspect…….nigga you gay

  • savahouse

    that was wack man she could have at least pulled her pants down a bit

    • Samsohn

      don’t worry – give it 5 more years, the career will fizzle so much she’ll do a porno – I just hope she’s not too cracked out by then to make it good

  • yuup

    the main reason why she got $$$

  • Esquire

    This is news why? She wasn’t doing anything special. She definitely wasn’t shaking her ass as the headline says

    • Samsohn

      her music is bad – so she just distracts people with her ass

  • The Incredible Creation

    wack ass shit lol try again ONIKA. http://toomanyfuckinrappers.tumblr.com/

  • Uncle Tom

    Slore!!……….but I’m still gonna beat my meat to this

    • D-Twice


  • Carlos Danger

    all day ass in that pants look at baby dance in that hold the wall stance…@rackscarsass

  • Louiev

    This was wack…..but I’d still smash.

  • OKKK

    AInt this the same Nicki Minaj that was just complaining about “niggas Looking” and always talking about her ass or her body as if its an object?

    Not to call her out her name, but seeing as i’ve lost what little respect i had for her, SIMPLE BITCH… make up your mind. dont talk some shit to get that feminist twitter support then do this within the span of 2 months.

    Keep taking your one a days and keep on bullshitting Nicki.

    YOU are why I wish more young women of any color looked up to a Jhene Aiko, Erykah, Janelle Monae… Hell even Estelle has class with that sexed up new shit.

    • Samsohn

      truth be told…She’s a horrible example for young women

  • Everybody

    So this is what she’s gonna keep doing every couple of months to keep us interested? YAWN! We get it. Now where’s the new music worth listening to?

  • Your Father

    Damn shame with all that ass she can’t dance. LOL

  • Samsohn

    Nicki has FALLEN OFF THE MAP COMPLETELY – American Idol was a major overreach and put a sour taste in her fans mouths, while it prevented her from gaining ANY new fans – It’s done – Nicki the fraud has been sucked dry by the industry and now she can’t make them anymore money through hollow crappy music, so they’ve abandoned her…..if you’re her fan…you should too.

  • Guillermo Junior

    it aint no amber thooo

  • John Cusack

    1 day vitamins on deck

  • Extra Domus

    @bighomie – this is not nicki, you say “whining” not “winding” – and you call yourself a writer? good thing UPS is hiring…

  • RealDeal©Hill

    Wooooah Nicki