Michael Jackson Hologram At BMAs


The King Has Returned.

The King Of Pop’s presence was felt during this evening’s Billboard Music Awards. During an emotional performance, MJ was virtually resurrected for “Slave To The Rhythm” off his posthumous LP, XSCAPE. Long live the king.

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  • Louiev

    I thought this was cool & creepy as hell…

  • rick

    THIS WAS FUCKING AWESOME….this hologram stuff is really becoming damn near better then the regular performances

  • JD


  • Donn

    That illuminati symbolism heavy but damn Michael will go down 100 years later as the greatest artist who ever lived. Shit was creepy man

    • nasislike

      Please list all of the illuminati symbolism then….

      cause I’ve been an MJ fan for the majority of my life, and all I see is OBVIOUS nods to his work whether that work is on wax or was apart of his many Tours.

  • king hoover

    his alive hence his album “XSCAPE”

  • sunn

    foh x1000. no good. might as well be a vegas impersonator

  • Darth Plagueis

    Why @00:57 did Luda look like he wanted to slap Brad Paisley as if he spoke over him?


  • Hussle

    Long Live The King!!! that performance was AMAZING!!!

  • Michael Ibbett

    Wonderful…..set up the nightly Vegas hologram shows, so I can never go but want to!

  • TeF

    I feel like that Pac one went harder. This one looked like we were watching a performance on an HD screen. Pac looked like he was literally on stage dancing next to Snoop, that was hologram shit . Mike is King, so this was a great move, but it wasn’t executed nearly as strong as it could have been considering the subject was Michael Jackson.

  • The Incredible Creation

    definitely creepy… smh -_- they just tryna keep the cash registers ringing courtesy of MJ tho.. http://www.theincrediblecreation.com/

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    As if scrapping up tracks that MJ didn’t want released wasn’t bad enough, now we have a cheap stunt meant for a Disney show to try to sell a few more albums.


  • DJ Blast

    I don’t think that really look like MJ, it look like a look a like but who knows