Black Thought ‘Harry Potter’ Rap On ‘Tonight Show’

black thought harry potter

Harry Thought

The cast of Harry Potter  reunited down in Orlando for the debut of Universal Studio’s ride. Broadcasting live in Orlando, Jimmy Fallon commissioned Black Thought to kick a rap inspired by the film series.

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  • PTK

    not like this rapradar

  • THe Realest

    No one gives a shit about Jimmy Fallon’s house band!!! They couldn’t even sell 30K albums.

    • Bokeem

      Pull ya shirt down bitch boi. These cats are legendary!!! Ever heard of avant garde conceptualism? The Roots are much more than a house band dumb nigga, you sound hella stupid!!!

      • Realest

        If they were they would be selling out shows and not sitting on The Tonight Show.

        • PTK

          this is the dumbest comment i’ve ever seen in the history of online hip-hop.

        • 2k5

          they sell out almost every show they have a date for you dumb fuck. they took the house band gig so they could stop touring which they did the previous 15 years in a row. shut the fuck up forever

  • Real Talk of BK

    top 5 most slept on MC of all time…wow

  • cannon

    black thought cant be fucked with

  • bun

    Finally some real shit for the hood