Jeezy: Seen It All


Time waits for no man—except the Snowman. Ha! After a long delay, Jeezy delivers yet again with another album of strong tunes that delve even deeper into his drug dealing past, lost friendships and his legacy. Simply put, his protege YG got some competition for rap album of the year. CTE FTW.—YN

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  • Dafuq

    Jeezy’s strongest and most complete album. Dare I say, even better than his debut? Besides the Game and Ross feature track, Jeezy holds down the album mostly on his own which is rare nowadays.

    • carfaxplease

      album booty doo….. first Jeezy album I just like at all…

  • Albert Williams

    man when i heard this shit, i had to turn it off cuz jeezy sound like jeezy, i can tell he aint really write cuz i wrote that shit in my sleep jeezy just stole cuz he in da armed forces…. he like an insurgent…. buyt he really aint but that nigga be everywhrre without u knowing it …. its weird like stanley tookie williams, never died….. he frozen in time……. he back…………. SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND PUSSY