New Video: Ryan Leslie “New New”

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 8.41.49 PM

International Playa.

Spitting that new shit, R.Les is overseas and is balling out of control in his lavishing video. The track is off his upcoming album, MZRT (The Magnificently Zealous Renegade Takeover). Album drops on New Year’s Eve, but you can pre-order it now.

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  • The Incredible Creation

    wrong video embed…

  • Lls I just don’t get it… Why isn’t Big Homie fired yet? He fxcks up SOMETHING on every post! GET YOUR $#!+ TOGETHER MAN, SERIOUSLY!

    • Lmao

      That nigga is a fucking imbecile lmao RR needs to hold open mod auditions, these clowns can’t spell, hug nuts, and can’t even get a simple copy & paste right…at least the comments section is trill

      • Couldn’t agree with you more fam!!! #factsonly

  • LuckyP

    what a fucking clown. get your shit together with these posts before your green card gets revoked!

  • Jake Zero

    B Dot needs to change his name to BS.
    This retard is a fuckin retard.

  • Dsunn

    they always tryna stop Les

  • el jim chapo guzman

    wrong video idiot.

  • Trillionare

    LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wrong video is still up!!! Even players fuck up I guess

  • 476231


  • Ayo

    14 hours later they still have the Hit Boy video up on the Ryan Leslie post…you niggas really don’t even moderate your site? Complete fuck ups…smh

  • SaniAbacha

    This shit dope

  • SaniAbacha

    WHO did this nigga fuck over in the game for him to keep getting overlooked?

    • Savimbi

      Diddy!!!!!! Cassie was his girl before Puff scooped her. , but yeah R Les is HIGHLY UNDERRATED!!!!!!

      • SaniAbacha

        Hmn, so did he cuss out diddy or something? It seems no one will touch him with a barge pole. Something went down. He gets sonned in the media like fuck as well.

        • Savimbi

          Yeah i’m sure something happened between the two since Puff swooped shorty from him, plus he a sharp minded Harvard Graduate, i’m sure puff also felt threatened by that and sonned him before he could get any leverage in the industry, people forget he was coming up and had a nice rising buzz at one point then it went down hill….him and fab could have been a deadly combo!!!!

          • SaniAbacha

            True dat. It’s a shame.

          • Jeff Hutch

            Funny to see 2 former African Heads of State communicate on a Hip-Hop website!

          • yourmom’sbooboo

            Savimbi was never a head of state…
            get your facts straight

          • Jeff Hutch

            No, he technically wasn’t. However, he did control a diamond-rich part of Angola, if I’m not mistaken.

            The U.S. government and most western Countries treated him as the president/Head of State of that part of Angola.

          • SaniAbacha

            Hah! We in here dun

  • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.

    They Hate On R. Les HE That Nigga!.. You know they hate the nigga cause he educated right ?? Thats the only shit I can think of OHHH & the nigga super talented!!!

  • Straight up

    I fuck with R. Les I just wish I knew what he had to do to get more mainstream looks & mass appeal. He’s intelligent & talented and the music has been strong from day 1 but he seems like more of a fringe industry cat. Wish him nothing but luck

    • Young Fry King

      he should stop rapping. Even if he CAN it doesn’t mean he SHOULD. He is a great songwriter… why he gotta rap a decade into his career?

      • Straight up

        I agree, he was a smooth singer and I don’t even like R&B. He needs a wider audience

  • Bkmkj

    Damn niggz be flaming the mods though lmao…oh and this shit trash this nigg r les need to stop it…dont become another one of them nigg you way more talented…

  • BELE

    corny as shit

  • TeF

    Ryan Leslie is a great artist, musically he’s everywhere, great RnB sound and lyrics, even though he’s madd corny, he is constantly overlooked, but it’s weird that when he drops some trap sounding shit that EVERYONE is dropping with absolutely ZERO substance and repetitive “lyrics”, ya’ll think it’s dope. Shit, ya’ll really don’t want real rap. Modern garbage has honestly caused ya’ll to go retarded and forget what music is.