New Music: Nicki Minaj x Skylar Grey “Bed Of Lies”

bed of lies

No Lies.

Following the live premiere last week, Nicki Minaj airs out her previous relationship on her new single featuring Skylar Grey. Now available  on iTunes, the the emotional ode is off the forthcoming The Pinkprint due out December 15.

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  • on the real no woman should be giving no man anything a man is suppose to provide for his woman but thats one of the problems in todays world everthing is backwards i cant believe im actualy saying this im not mad at this song its dope and its real

    • #IDGT

      you’re stupid and sexist loooool

      • i dont think you know what sexist means

        • david

          No. That use of “sexist” was in the proper context and judging from that comment your philosophy of gender roles is very sexist.

          • this is the problem you have a generation of men that have no pride case and point you see how nikki wayne and drake can diss safaree on a song if he was a man that stood on his own they couldnt throw nothing in his face now theres two diss tracks about him now thats my point

    • Dsunn

      suckafree safaree what a tard to dog a chick like nikki minaj

  • ghost barber

    this song is not good at fucking all seriously

  • Dashing28

    I don’t think Nicki gets it. She keeps making these pop records that hip hop heads don’t fuck with it. Between this “Pills N Potions” “Anaconda” and that lame shit with Drake, Wayne and Chris Brown she aint delivering records for hip hop heads.

    Maybe it’s a moneymaking formula, but it’s a lot of wack music. At least Drake and Wayne make records that I could bump without thinking I’m listening to some bubblegum shit. Where are the bars?

    And then she takes shots at Iggy? but she’s playing the same damn game as Iggy and losing right now as far as the charts. So she might as well show that at least SHE can actually spit.

    Somebody get Nicki a Just Blaze or NO ID beat. Salaam Remi, DJ Khalil, aaabmusik, Illmind. Where Nottz at? Every once in awhile she gotta remind people that she can rap.

    • LOL

      but she’s not a hip hop artist, she’s way past that now. she’s as mainstream as it gets, this record isn’t too bad either. i’m sure you’ll get a record on the album that represents “Hip Hop” but she’s got a younger generation to cater to.

      • If she ain’t hip hop what is she? It’s bubble gum here now gone later bull shit… We want substance… The truth will be told once the sales come back… I bet she peaks at 90,000

        • 3dut

          Enough other artist provide you with substance. You don’t necessarily have to find what you want in every ‘Hip Hop’ artist, that wouldn’t make for a very diverse genre.

          • ilexx

            Where are these artists you speak of that provide substance?

            I don’t look to Nicki to provide substance but the real truth is, WE DONT have enough artists who provide substance. Definitely not in the mainstream.

            Party records and fun records are cool and shit but let’s not act like we don’t need more substance now than ever before.

            Hip Hop and Reggae music provide a level of consciousness that no other genre of music brings to the table, or at least they used too.

  • Rob Lo

    Yall niggas a bunch of hypocrits cuz Eminem makes the same pop records…matter of fact his whole last album was filled with songs like this and yall love them wack shits….she a mainstream hiphop artist and she a female too remember that shit niggas…females like all these records that she is making. Ur not gonna get a bunch of hard records from nicki cuz she actually writes her own records unlike foxy brown and lil kim who have had multiple ghostwriters write all their albums for them by niggas so u got them hard records. These are real records from the mind of a female with no ghostwriters.. Respect.

    • Dashing28


      Em always has his pop singles, yes, but his albums are straight rap.

      AND he released Rap God as a SINGLE on the last album. 6 minutes of BARS. And the album was filled with hip hop tracks mostly, not pop joints, like all of his albums.

      Nicki’s albums are as pop as the singles. Not asking for a bunch of hard records, but like 1 would be cool.

      • Rob Lo

        Eminem album is odee pop with lyrics…the last album was odee conservative beats…fawwkumean

  • Gordon Shumway

    Skylar Grey will forever be a “hook only” artist. Cause no one gave a shit about her solo stuff.

    • UndecidedlyT

      Unfortunately… cause she can sing. Eminem tried to help her with her album but they single was Retarded. She was even distancing herself in interviews from that and made it clear it wasn’t her idea to release..

  • Michael Ib bett

    Actually a decent Skylar hook for once. Is this Alex da kid though? He’s the worst. She needs to get back up with my old aquaintance Kane beatz.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Nicki taking shots at iggy because iggy is on top. Nicki album will flop defiantly, she should sell at list 17k first week.

    • T.Dot


      • el jim chapo guzman

        Auto texts inputs errors nigga shut up.

    • Abe6772

      I say, aim lower.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Can’t aim any lower than that, nicki is a mainstream artist.

        • Abe6772

          There’s tons of mainstream artist that sold lower than that this year.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Smh stop playing nicki man although iggy got that spot. Stop playing her out cause she’s still the bitch though

  • Dsunn

    a lot of y’all miss the purpose of music because you’re not artists. if you were an artist you’d not only respect the craft but you’d understand that everyone creative is unfolding themselves and their stories, this is a true to heart record.

    • Abe6772

      You do understand that these “artists” think with their pockets and not from the heart.

  • Cito Kurrukan

    I guess what draws fans to Nicki is looks. With pics like these. The sex sells formula.