Action Bronson ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 5.47.23 PM

Only In America.

Co-starring actor/comedian Danny Tamberelli, Action plugs his forthcoming LP, Mr. Wonderful and previews a new track in his Boogie Nights-inspired trailer. Album drops March 24

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  • BRONSON!!!!

  • Dan Karlin

    The little guy from ‘Pete and Pete’ aged HORRIBLY!

  • iknow

    Cant wait to Hear This.!!!!

  • mikey the greek! fk u bama’s!

    wheres my ghost face cd?

  • This shit corny as fuck, B. & I’m a Action fan since Day 365. Was a year late. LOL But look, just give me that wavy shit. I understand the “trying to appeal to a worldly audience/rock-based” trailer but give me a Hip-Hop trailer too, Gz. GLooks. #MrWonderful #TIMELESS