New Video: Lupe Fiasco “Made In The USA”

made in the usa

Only In America

As the nation continues to slowly divide, Lupe Fiasco depicts the ongoing issues across the U.S. in this powerful black-and-white clip off his DROGAS Light.

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  • Officer Ricky

    Esco’s I mean Elliott Wilson’s pussy real wet right now from all the praise he getting cause of his newly released Jay-z interview.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      bout time

  • Black Igloo

    Hell yeah! das what up Lupe!! not his typical flow but still ill

  • el jim chapo guzman

    garbage!!!! fuck lupe

    • Jessicajnelson

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  • MadShot

    Sellout dude. Always changes his flow and gimmicks to match the latest trends. And gives lessons he’ll ignore himself.

    • Oba Kamau

      but he can rap and eye don’t know why no one gives him any credit?

      • Kathleenjenglert


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  • I’m fearless, now hear this, I’m earless
    And I’m peerless, that means I’m eyeless
    Which means I’m tearless, which means my iris
    Resides where my ears is, which means I’m blinded
    But I’mma find it, I can feel its nearness
    But I’mma veer so I don’t come near
    Like a chicken or a deer, but I remember
    I’m not a listener or a seer so my windshield smear…….