Eminem ‘Revival’ Drops December 15


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Just what the doctor ordered. After weeks of speculation, Eminem has finally given his 9th album, Revival a December 15 release date. Earlier today, Dr. Dre made the announcement with the ad above.

Last month, Em emerged with his controversial BET cypher and hinted at an album with a fake pharmaceutical advertisement. Since then, Em has released his Beyonce-assisted single, “Walk On Water“, followed by its SNL performance and has revealed that Rick Rubin and Dr. Dre have both produced and mixed the LP.

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  • Officer Ricky

    Gonna be trash

  • Blitches


  • Donald Toad

    typical trash.

  • Frank Yoster

    noone cares…its gonna be trash ill garentee u..

    • westsidemike216

      You have to learn to spell you idiot.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    hope its true even though ive lost the exciting hype thats for sure

  • fake doc produce fake dudes fake comersla for fake pills with his fake generals

  • Curbside

    single is trash, so it isn’t looking good.

  • Slim-dre

    What y’all talking about bitches this album better than any other rapper. Fuck man you guys talking about how y’all know what real rap is bitch no you don’t Eminem is real rap 21 savage and the rest of them ain’t rap they say the same exact shot over and over again dumbass