New Album: J.Cole ‘K.O.D.’


King Cole

J.Cole is full of surprises. Earlier this week, Jermaine Cole announced his fifth studio album, K.O.D. Recorded in the span of two weeks, Cole previewed the LP for his loyal fans at surprise event at the Gramercy Theater in New York. Dubbed Kidz On Drugz, King Overdose and Kill Our Demonz, the 12-track project features no guest appearances other than his alter-ego, kiLL edwards (“Tidal Wave” and “Friends”).

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  • Mogul101

    Cole is back!!!!!!

  • Ikeepit100

    This mu fucka make boring as music the only album i like was his first was cool..but everything all is a snooze fest….same pitch,flow,cadience an beats are just pathetic

  • Scromes1212

    Maybe it will grow on me.

    • Santigo

      Anytime you gotta say that about an album it means the album is mediocre. You shouldn’t have to convince yourself, that was Cole’s job!

      • Scromes1212

        True but sometimes it takes a few listens to really get into a album.

        • eatmyshorts

          motiv8 motiv8 motiv8

  • Da_trutthhh

    Nigga sound like drake. He’s a walking L waiting to happen

  • Cuzzo

    That shit fuckin’ crazy.

    I’ont know what these niggas talking bout.

    He keeps elevating his game, each album.

    It’s unfair to even compare what’s he’s doing with anybody else.

    He’s separating himself from the pack.

    And he work smart, he promotes AFTER the album drops.

  • Elijah Elihothot Adedeji
  • el jim chapo guzman

    album is decent but you cant talk shit about mumble rap and new hip hop but have flows and hooks that sound like it.

    • Cornelius Hayes

      It went over your head . Hes Rapping EXACTLY like the pill poppers but adding his own sauce too it