’15 Best R&B Albums #2: Bryson Tiller ‘T R A P S O U L’

Written By: @BdotTM January 6, 2016 @ 5:30 PM EDT

Soul Collector.

Blurring the lines of R&B and hip-hop, Bryson Tiller picks up where his Canadian predecessors left off. Half lothario, half hopeless romantic, the man dubbed Pen Griffey is unabashed about his relationship history. From staking claim on the next man’s wiz (“Don’t”) to his own love troubles (“Sorry Not Sorry”, “Been That Way”, “Exchange”), Tiller’s testimonies had us all caught in his trap.

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  • Guest

    Can we get an R&B mention (aside from Miguel) that doesn’t use auto-tune. If an “artist” uses auto-tune they should be immediately disqualified.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      I agree

    • Da Business

      I was just having a conversation about that. Shit is ridiculous. Rico Love puts out a REAL R&B record and gets no shine.

      • Guest

        Welcome to the future amirite? Smh

        • diggz

          future..I see what you did there…

          dress it up and make it real for me, whatever that means

      • Kimpconnell4

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  • ITS ME

    I still don’t see the hype behind this dude. Already overrated

    • diggz

      an overrated artist that no one heard of lol … and he on billboard while you just sittin at a starbux commenting on his post

    • GetReal

      i gotta feeling you’re a failed rapper idk though

      • ITS ME

        yeah man, i have an opinion so that makes me a failed rapper. dumb ass logic

  • I guess this is the new wave. Dude sounds like Drake to me. A lot of RnB sounds like Drake to me.

    • intelligentsoul

      If Drake sang over 90s r&b sounding beats….= Bryson

  • Jumpman

    The best R&B album of 2015. Trap-soul is the future of R&B!

    • Guest

      *DEEP SIGH?* Please slit your wrists, Sonic! Your antics are played out you multiple personality having ass weirdo! Take your meds #PillsAreGood

      • Jumpman

        Find the easiest way to kill yourself, please…

  • CZO

    I wasn’t really feeling this project, but the guy does put in work and only has a couple of songs i like, but like i said he puts in work so good for him.

  • Stanley Phan

    I cant wait to him on February 3rd. Hoping he is good live? Anyone got opinions?