Rap Radar Podcast: Jeezy

Written By: @BdotTM October 13, 2015 @ 12:56 PM EDT

Church In This Podcast.

It’s politics as usual with our favorite thug motivator, Jeezy. Fresh off his attendance at the Justice or Else March in Washington D.C., Pastor Young spoke on his relationship with minister Louis Farrakhan, Politically Correct EP, forthcoming album Church In These Streets, state of trap music, street tales, TM 101 Anniversary concert and everything the statue of limitations allows. Let’s get it! Listen here and subscribe here.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    B dot I’m waiting for the jay z interview….what’s going on jay ain’t returning y’all calls…

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      Jay-Z does not care about black people. *kanye voice*

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Lol jay z does not care about rapradar.

  • Pill Cosby™

    Nice sitcom laugh track in the background.

  • Guest

    “Trash” – 99.9% of these ungrateful commenters

  • Sonic

    Who cares? Jeezy fell off.

    • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

      Jeezy del off? How? Take your time to explain.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      HUH?! LOL

      • Sonic

        I’m high as fuck.

        • Guest

          No Country for Old Trolls! Go directly to jail and do not pass Go

          • Sonic

            Fuck off. Jeezy actually fell of musically and it’s blatantly obvious..

          • 1KillMovez1

            Young thug is only relevant on the internet tho (barely)…… Plus he has No type of content either! ur opinion on music sucks!

          • Sonic

            Fetty Wap is irrelevant too? Drake is irrelevant too? Future is irrelevant too? FOH. My opinion on music matters.

  • Hiphop1

    Good interview anxious to see what this new upcoming album is about

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      Thanks man. Me too. If he’s going in the direction of the recession, im here for it.

      • majormar

        Long as he talking talking this talk I’m supporting all his ventures. You should download my new app. I come from norfolk,va I come from that background they rap about. Socialceelo my app. It’s free. I listened to 4 of your podcasts support who support you. Jezzy,ross,lyor,and buddens. I know this will fall on deaf ears but keep grinding interviews getting better. I like that kinkyb question

      • Carole Shields

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      • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

        Great interview! Loving this angle for Jeezy!


    Bdot gonna be at the jeezy next family reunion lol good interview though

    • Murph

      lol exactly

  • thedeamkid19


  • Dab Daddy

    Canal Street Confidential > Church in Theses Streets

    • 1KillMovez1

      Foh! Jeezy N Currensy not even in the same lane when it comes 2music ….2 different avenues

  • Mto

    I pray that Lamar pulls thru this and get a his life together…. Them Kardashians are some type of witches out here, turned Scott into an alcoholic, Bruce into a woman, Rob into an oompa loompa, Kris Humphries into a nobody and Lamar into fein…. Smh Kanye better RUN….

  • Murph

    Best Jeezy interview in years! Everything was covered talked about politics, about the auntie who held the yams, his Uncles, the rumor about trap or die/his kid graduating, Kinky B, the Glizzy remix, his relationship with Farrakhan. The right questions were asked this doesn’t even sound like a podcast sounds like a conversation and I am a fly on the wall.