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Young Guru On Returning To DJing

If you were at South By Southwest last week, chances are you ran into engineer, Young Guru. Before fine tuning Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella recordings, Guru did his thing behind the 1s and 2s. And now as Hov’s tour DJ, he’s getting back to his first love. While at Nice Kicks in Austin, Guru explains why he’s getting back to DJing and reveals plans of a mixtape series. Previously: Young Guru Presents: A Little Biggie 101

DJ Quik Explains Book Of David Delay

While in Austin last week, DJ Quik held a listening session at Nice Kicks this past Thursday for his eighth solo album, Book Of David. Although the project is dropping April 20th, it was supposed to come out last year. In the clip above, Quik explains the reason for the delay. He also reveals that he’s one of the few artists to get a sample clearance from the film, Grease.

Odd Future Gets “Radical” At SXSW

“Kill People. Burn Shit. Fuck School.” You already peeped the high-flying antics at the Thrasher show, and here’s Tyler, The Creator presenting the OFWGTKA’s next anthem. Oh boy. God bless these crazy kids. Ha! A lil “Yonkers’ on the other side. Sidebar: What’s Poppin SWXSW: Odd Future Pt. 3

B.Dot Receives His Source Cover

The street shenanigans continue as Rap Radar’s Mr. Miller peeps his first Source cover in the flesh for the first time from photographer Ernest Estime. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever written one. Tell Bezo to holla at me, man. Ha! Sidebar: You know them ESGN T-shirts are official. Shout-out to Gangsta Gibbs!

YN Meets Mac Miller

Walkin’ thru the streets of Austin during SXSW you never know who you’re gonna run into. Here’s a brief convo with me and the young MC from Rostrum Records. Guess dude hasn’t officially inked with a major yet. Hmm!