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Hip-Hop Reacts To Tiger Woods Press Conference

The big story today was Eldrick breaking his silence and addressing the shitstorm he’s caused over the past coupla months. No wifey wasn’t with him, but his mama was. Of course, Twitter was on fire with reactions and snaps. Here are the best tweets. Sidebar: Hey was Ash, right? Judge for yourself.

GFK Explains Group Name & Album Title

Earlier last month, it was reported that Raekwon, Method Man, and Ghostface were seeking a name for their outfit. But this past Tuesday, it was revealed that the crew had a change of heart. “We not a group,” Ghost tells Rap Radar. “We already in Wu-Tang. So it’s not like we trying to start a group. We don’t need that. Just put Rae, Meth, Ghost, nahmean?” As for the title, the album was changed to Three The Hardway but reverted […]

Nas Still Owes Kelis 200K In Child Support

Esco and his ex had another battle in court today. Kelis’ lawyer claims he refuses to pay a huge tab of over 200 stacks and filed a contempt motion! Nas plead not guilty. But if these two don’t work this thing out soon, they’ll be a hearing which could potentially land the Rebel to America in jail. That’s not a comfy place. TMZ