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Dr. Dre Says Detox Will Be His Last LP

All good things must come to an end. And in the new issue of XXL, Dr. Dre says that Detox will be his last recording as an MC. “As far as me going into the mic booth, that shit is over. I’m always going to talent scout and try to find new artists to work with. But, yeah, that’s it. I don’t see myself doing it the way I’m doing it now…” ahh

Kanye Covers Complex (Dec/Jan ’11)

Kanye West takes the cover the December/January 2011 issue of Complex magazine. The publication also spoke with the contributors for Yeezy’s album focusing on their roles in their Project: Runaway feature. Below is an excerpt from Pete Rock: “I know one of Kanye’s bodyguards, and he told me that Kanye was looking for me. I just grabbed this bag of discs—these discs hold at least 50 beats apiece—and went to Hawaii. [Laughs.] That was my first time ever going to Hawaii, […]

T.I. Covers VIBE (Dec/Jan ’11)

Before T.I. went to the slammer earlier this month, he gave VIBE one of his last interviews. Below are a few excerpts from the cover story, which goes on sale Nov. 30th. Check out behind the scenes footage here. I’ve heard you mention how the good that you’ve done is easily forgotten. Do you feel that you’ve been treated unfairly? If I place my value in the way humans treat me, then maybe. But they’re human, man―they can’t help themselves. […]